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Sharing With Nana And Childhood Vision


Sharing with Nana:

One day I was visiting my Grandma. We were looking through old pictures she had and as I saw one house I said NANA I think I have seen that before. I told her how I used to dream of this beautiful old white house and inside of it had two staircases on either end of the house. There were a few rooms with old wallpaper inside. There was a oval mirror on the wall and when it came to see my reflection it wasn't me. That would always wake me up.

My Grandma proceeded to tell me stories of how she would dream of things to happen. And how she never really talked about it before. For example of one white house she would dream of over and over and then one day her and my grandpa were visiting someone and they came upon the same white house from her dreams.


My Nana and I are very close. But I think that brought us closer.

Childhood vision:

When I was a child my family and I were on vacation driving on the highway in California. I was very scared going under this particular roadway which had a bunch of roads crossed over and under one another. I remember seeing a post that didn't look right. I then was terrified that it was going to squish us and envisioned me crouching down where the feet go in the car and it being all black and everything falling on us.

I know I was a child and children have imaginations, but I was a very take charge adventurous child. That stuck with me because my body got tense and I was so scared. I had been in cars before and under bridges and such before but this was different.

A few months later there was a large earthquake there and the news was showing the highway that we were on collapsed and squished some cars! I remember commenting on it to my folks saying remember I was so scared then and look what happened.

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