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He Keeps Visiting I Feel Safe


I need help understanding what's going on. At night I feel as if there is someone hovering over. I will be a sleep then I pull myself up to consusness. And I will feel someone next to me. They will move on top of me to hover. I will feel lips attached themselves to mine and move. My body feels warm and safe. And I will feel hands move over my body. And it as if what ever it is sense I am awake and lures me back to sleep. But even asleep I can still feel it next to me. It didn't feel bad or scary it almost safe and secure.

It has no I'll effects the next day. I'm just a little fatigued and tired and I sleep in slightly. I can feel him following me all through the next day. He follows me and it almost like he protecting and that he is watching me to make sure I am safe. I can feel him standing over me even now. I feel farm, content, safe, like nothing can hurt me. I feel like my body warm from the inside my skin cool to the touch.

The first time it happen I would up to invisible hands touching me and lips touching mine in a feather light touch and he followed me around all the next day.

The second time as well. I feel lips touch mine. And then I feel myself be lured back deep into sleep not to wake in until the following morning/afternoon around late eleven early twelve. And then it hard pulling myself up. As if I swimming through something thick. I feel as if I can sleep for days. But once I am up I feel refreshed and contented. Like I just had the best night of sleep in my life. And all through the next day I fell him with me.

It doesn't feel bad I'm just curious what it could be.

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Pandora_Rose (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-23)
I hadn't yet. But now that you suggest I will try. Thank you for suggesting it. He might be able to tell me about himself and what he wants. 😁
maria__ (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-09)
I had to make an account so that I could reply to this once I saw it! I have experienced very similar things before, though it only started happening to me after I remembered a few past life memories. I remembered someone, and after that, one time I went to bed and I felt like there was someone next to me in bed, then I would experience like you described, the feeling of someone touching me, sometimes kissing me. I've also experienced it where I'll feel them follow me throughout the day (although more rarely). If I try and get up quickly when it's happening I experience the same kind of heavy swimming feeling you mentioned. It always feels very comforting. Have you tried talking to him?

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