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I have always had a psychic capacity and found it quite fascinating. This story is about an experience I have had and I have now accepted I probably will continue to have for the rest of my life. It has taken me over 7 years to understand and learn how to live with this experience. I now need to reach out to people who have the same psychic gift, and share my story with them in the hope that people can share their understanding of this gift with me.

I grew up living a reasonably happy life, with traumatic events scattered along the way. I knew I was adopted, and I had always romanticized the wish that I find my biological mother and she fill the emotional void I had lived with every day of my life to that point.

In 2001, I was in bed. Sound asleep, well after midnight, I arose to walk from the bedroom, through the ensuite bathroom and along to the toilet. I was stopped however as I passed through the bathroom ensuite, by a man around 30 years old, with dark hair, white tshirt and denim jeans. I worked in criminal law so I new the rules were don't panic - remain calm, focus on as much detail about the person as you can, and call the police once they have left. And this I did. There was no verbal communication. He intuitively spoke to me without any verbal interaction. He immediately told me I am safe and I will not be harmed. He told me to trust him and turn my back on him. I did refuse by simply not moving and remaining firm where I was standing and where I could see this person. Again he intuitively told me I am safe, and I knew after he had done this a third time, the situation was not going to progress at all unless I did. I was afraid to turn my back as I did not want to be hurt. I felt if I could not see him I would not know what he was doing and he could do anything to me. I heavens knows how stayed calm, turned and he intuitively told me to fall backward. I was very mystified wondering why a man would break into my house and want me to fall backward. His intuitive communication again insisted I was safe and I again realized I had to cooperate or this situation would not change. So I went limp and fell back. He caught me as I fell back at my shoulders.

The entire time I was thinking very clearly to myself that as soon as this man leaves my house I will call the police. Immediately he read my mind without me having said a single work. He intuitively told me to turn around, go to bed and that I must not call the police - I was to go to bed, lie down, go to sleep, and wake up and everything will be okay without the need to call the police. He intuitively told me that I would go to bed, lie down, and he would leave quietly and calmly and no one will be hurt.

I went to bed, lay down and I was frozen with fear. I maintained a photographic image in my mind of all of the features of this person and the procedure of events, knowing that he knew I wanted to call the police, I thought I would beat him to the punch, go to bed, go to sleep and call the police in the morning. I was so afraid and frightened I lay in bed absolutely petrified, a sensation I can't even begin to explain.

On waking up my partner insisted extremely belligerently there was no one in the house and I would make a fool of myself if I called the police. He told me yes I woke to use the toilet, yes I came to bed, but there was no one in the house.

From that day on I know there was a person in that house and I know that person communicated and spoke with me without opening his mouth. And likewise I did not speak. He felt my thoughts. He communicated to me through his thoughts.

One and a half years later at the age of 33, my biological mother found me and she was wonderful. She filled every wish I had hoped for. She was warm, kind and loving. I married. My biological mother and sister attended the wedding.

My biological mother brought me a photo album with pictures of family members from all sorts of different places and events. She turned the page and we came to a picture of my biological father and I nearly fainted and hit the floor. This man was the very man who had confronted me in the bathroom ensuite that night.

I confessed my story to my biological mother and we deduced that the night of the event, he had undergone heart bypass surgery.

Many months later I again confessed a few other dreams, of places and people. And, one in particular, consistently repetitive dream that I was in a little side buggy of a motorcycle. The man in the motorcycle is driving down a worn dirt path between wooden fences that are the border to what appear to be paddocks. The weather was drizzly and cold and I wore a 1950's winter black girl's coat and black boots. On the right hand side was a worn house, with a stable, and certain muddy worn paths for walking or vehicles. The worn track or path the motorcycle was riding along lead down to a steeple church with hills and paddocks in the distance with no other buildings. Again, my biological mother showed me via email a picture of a place.

She had sent me pictures of land and property belonging to the family before it was developed and constructed as a little fun park for families. And she advised my father had a motorcycle with a little buggy on the side.

I was sick to my stomach and could not then and still can not now look at this picture again.

My dreams then became very different. Instead of being places and people, I was experiencing a being in my dreams which was an experience I never had before. I was introduced to two different beings on two different nights, with another being telling my life story. The first was in a dark environment with what appeared to be super large antique street light fittings on the ground up side down, sort of looking like a large human birdcage. Rather than being in the cage, there were no people in the cage. Rather it was pitch black, with several of these cages, and this being hiding behind them. There id appear to be some old fashioned street lights, but not lit.

After weeks of these dreams, I somehow in one dream said to this being, ok, who are you and what do you want. He told me a story. He showed me a house with five children. He showed me a teenage girl. Suddenly I was transported into the body of this teenage girl. I was living this story as a teenage girl. He showed me he was having a sexual relationship with this teenage girl. The feeling I perceived was sickening, filthy and significantly ashamed. Then I, as this teenage girl, held a baby in my arms, walked away from the house, and the feeling of disgust and horrid shame.

On sharing this story with my biological mother, she confessed a terrible story. She was continually raped by her father and she fell pregnant, with me. I was speechless. It turns out these dreams started after my biological father had passed away with a heart attack.

The second dream was in a clear environment, muddy coloured water with no ground or soil anywhere. A single tree sat in the middle of the entire landscape. Again, there was one being, led by another being, being told the story of my life. Every night I dreamed of this being and a house. This being was terribly nasty and her cruelty stung like the tail of a scorpion. In the house was a blue purse with coins. In every dream she was being very cruel about a young girl stealing coins out of her wallet when she is not looking.

Again my biological mother confirmed her sister used to steal coins out of their mother's little blue coin purse and punish them - she was wicked.

It turns out my biological grandmother passed the week I experienced the dream of the being and the tree in the landscape of endless muddy water.

I still to this day experience these beings in my dreams. I assume I always will.

The only way I can explain what happened and will always will happen is to read and listen/watch stories of people who have died and experienced near death experiences. The process of connecting to the other side has been exactly the same. I have learned I don't have to die to experience a connection between beings on the other side.

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Smartie01 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-24)
Hi HRK - yes that is exactly how it makes me feel! And Anne yes its a curse. I was sick for a very long time after discovering the truth. Now I am over it and have to find out why it is happening and how. And to do that I have to talk to other people to find out about their experiences.
hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-23)
I have never read another story on this site that gave me the chills quite like this one did.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-01-23)
Thanks so much for sharing such a fascinating account of your heritage, from a psychic perspective. For many this would seem a curse, but I imagine in some ways it might too feel like a blessing. So much about your family history you're awarded insight to. One thing for sure, this gives you a deep level of empathy about what others have gone through. It's never the same to "hear" about such things compared to you really having relived or shared those experiences.

Thank you again!

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