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At times the lights bulbs blinks. I even say it must be some coincidence. Even one day I tried a spell I saw online don't remember what it was about then suddenly I saw the light bulb blink like it was about to go out it was pretty weird even one time I saw my great-grandfather in my bed lying down the same way I saw him laid in his casket he died In 2008. Both of my parents have some sort of dreams telling them that someone will died in our family or a Close friend even at times my mother would just have a bad feeling that someone of our family is in the hospital or dead. I have a psychic friend who told me that my mother abilities will develop more in the future. But unfortunately I don't I have inherited any of their ability at least not yet. My mom saw many ghosts back then when she was a child she told that they are afraid of her because of strong spirit and lack of fear. She told me she even saw her late grandfather at the doorway standing just looking spirits. I believe she's some sort of psychic who can predict death and also see spirits. But I don't think I want to inherit any of her abilities, anytime she says that something is going to happen it always turn out right. I have another friend who can sense if there's a spirit near by their scent. Even her mom can see them as well. She told me also that she passed a house and heard sounds like someone was throwing things all over the house like pots chairs, table, the scary thing is thing it was not occupied by a soul.

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Kratos-Atlas (12 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)
Although people like to say that you can "inherit" the "gifts" of your parents, the truth is that you already have them way before you're born. You just choose-or it is choosen for you-a family that have people with similar gifts, that might become your mentors.

Sometimes what is "heard" is someting that happened years (or more) ago, and it's just on a continuous loop. The voices that people tend to record from ghosts, are just echoes from the past. Rarely they are communicating with the entity.

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