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Can Feel Good Or Bad Feelings From People


I'm an Empath I can feel good or bad feelings from people

I can tell someone is lying with just one look I have been very lonely for a long time because I started to hate people most of the people I know appear good but are just horribly bad

I hated myself first I started lying to myself I started acting

As if I don't feel anything from others and called my self crazy

But at some point I got to know myself and I feel better now

the part about me is now over,

I will now begin the part about my friend I met her in hight school and I saw her first and she didn't see me I kept following her without her knowledge

For a lot of time because I can feel a very good feeling in my heart everytime I look at her for no actual reason

I have mentioned before that I'm an Empath but when it comes to her I feel nothing but that good feeling I can't tell if she is sad or annoyed or mad just like what I do with the others it's like I lose my ability when I face her and it's really driving me crazy why do I get this really good feeling when I'm around her at some point I feel like something is around her and it feels really good I can't see it or hear it I can't tell what it is and she tells she feels nothing

I was thinking like maybe that's a good spirit around her?

But I really can't tell what it is, she mentioned

Her mother can tell stuff before it kind of happens I get the same good feeling from her mother but I can read her feelings,

I noticed that my friend gets confessed to a lot

It's like people get forced to treat her nicely

Or they get hypnotist when she is around

I felt that anyone who meets her will start to like her no matter what she says to them

She is pretty but there is more to it than just her looks I just always feel this weird nice aura around her

It's weird I don't understand why she is like that and why I get this feeling only around her

can someone explain why I can't read my friend? Or did anyone experience the same thing as me before? Please tell me your thoughts, ps I don't love her I'm straight

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kyclie (3 stories) (29 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-07)
Hello ~!

Hmmm, a possibility might be that she also has psychic abilities like you! But at school, she "puts on her shield" (metaphorically) and maybe you can sense that.
booboobmabos (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-22)
1 We all have energys
2 we send enrgy signals meaning what ever we feel we show it in our aura

3 there are some people called vampires some are givers

We people have diffent ways each individual has his own way either giving or recieving energy that's why your friend attracts poeple to be nice to her don't know the right way to explain it but you can find info about it if you search it:)

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