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I Keep Bending Stuff


A few months ago I was eating dinner with my wife at the table, I was just watching TV and holding my cutlery in my hands. Then right in front of both of us my form went floppy and drooped down then when we reacted it immediately went firm again.

Now today I'm putting away cutlery and again a fork bends right in front of the both of us.

Today I noticed that a hot flush came over me, I was going to go sit down after I finished putting the dishes away. I don't know if this has anything to do with it. I can't remember if I had a hot flush the first time, it's just not something I remember.

When it happens I'm not trying to do anything, I not looking to bend metal objects. I'm just going about my business.

Needles to say my wife and I are quite freaked about this, me more so. Can anyone please explain what is going on?



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MyWhiteHorse777 (3 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-23)
Honestly in my opinion I would concentrate more on what caused the cutlery to bend because it could mean that there is some tangled up energy going on in you or your wife that needs to be sorted out. Could also be that you have energy sources coming through from somewhere inside or outside of the house. Not everything in life is a sign or has a big dramatic life changing meaning, sometimes objects move, appiritions are seen, mysterious noises are heard etc. It's how we handle the experience, how we can make good of it and how we can advance our lives through the experience. Know that these things happen but be mature about it, think clearly and ask yourself how this experience is really going to help you. It might just have been non sense created by a mischievous spirit, internal energy we projected or more by natural earthly frequencies. Keep an eye on yourself, it could also mean that inside of you there is an untapped powerful energy that is holding a gift you can use to help yourself and others. But don't get lost in delusion and non sense, see your experiences clearly. I'm not an expert by far, just how I see it.

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