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Getting Very Strong Feelings That I May Have A New Ability


I'm Kelly and I am 25. As I child I never really thought as having any ability other than before my grandmother died, I had a vision she was lying dead in the clouds. Also as a child I would have dreams about simple things that would come true. I just wrote these things off as coincidence.

Now at 25, it seems as though the experiences are a little more intense. What I am mostly concerned about, are these vivid dreams of my grandparents at the house they once lived. I would have wrote these off as not unusual but each time I have this dream, when I wake up, I feel a very strong sense that they were trying to give me a message. Each time it happens, those feelings get more intense. I feel as if they are right there with me trying desperately to communicate.

Very recently, I have also had flash images in my head of families, individuals, and places. Some of these flashes I can know exactly what the family or individual were doing even though the image came and went in less than a second. Other times I'll just get images of a person or place that I've never seen and will know every detail. If I were an artist, I could draw these people and places as if they were right in front of me.

I hope someone can help. The dreams and images wouldn't bother me if I didn't have such strong feelings come over me when it happens. I've been meditating since I was a young girl, but now when I try, it is very confusing and at times scary, because my meditations are being interrupted by these flash images (some of them very cruel and morbid), but instead of being just one image, it is a series of images, one after the other. What is strange is they never have anything to do with each other. I just feel so lost and weary. I've always turned to meditation when feeling troubled, but every corner of my life feels intruded upon. I am to the breaking point. I have no one to really talk to without them thinking I'm crazy. I just want to better understand what is going on so I can have the tools to better control it.

I've always had great intuition. I can figure out what a person is like when I first meet them. My family and friends have learned to listen when I tell them I have a feeling about things that will happen. And I've witnessed a few ghosts in my time, but these dreams and images are really intrusive. If I could just figure out their meaning or message I would feel more at ease. But since all this started, my emotions and anxiety have intensified, and the feelings are worse when in public.

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Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-16)
-Yes, Kelly, start keeping a dream journal. You will benefit greatly from that. To have your gift would be a blessing for me, as I enjoy interpreting dreams. It is kind of like being a private detective with the power of a Lawyer.

-Make sure you document the dream right when you wake up while the dream is still fresh. This ensures you catch everything you seen, heard, felt, etc. This will help interpret the dream in the best way possible.

-It is known that sometimes dreams show us one thing, but inhibit a deeper message that is usually hidden behind symbolism. Remember, always use your intuition when interpreting dream meanings. Try hard not to use logic.

-Sometimes our dreams act as a mini-series, when combined, tell one certain story. One dream corresponding with another dream and so on. Just take notice of any repetitive words, items, people, places, etc. The reappearance of things in dreams has a specific reason or message to send out. Try to connect each dream with each other to find the reason behind the repetitive appearances.
Kelly5678 (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-16)
Thank you both so much! You have been so understanding and helpful. I must say though Tyler that I do not feel any evil around me or anything such as that. Though I have seen a few flash visions of some terrible things, I don't feel that anything is trying to harm me. Most of the visions I get are not so bad. I think my confusion and fear just comes from not knowing what to do with these images. And Catty, yes these experiences I've had is very new for me so I'm just trying very hard to understand it all. I have become extremely over emotional so I think the empath is a safe assumption. I think that's what scares my the most actually is these intense moments of sadness or grief. I've never been the type to get so worked up. But again thank you both so much. It feels better just to hear that you understand. I will tune into my intuition and soul and trust what it's trying to tell me. And I suppose I should keep a log of the dreams and visions. There's so many visions I can't keep up with them all. And thank you Catty I would very much like to email you. I will take the tools you've given me today and will let you know how it goes.
Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-16)
I am not sure if this ability increased post your 25th birthday, but I was struck with the opening of a new psychic ability when I turned 25. Most people dread being 25, but my 25th birthday was special to me for that reason. My life certainty has never been the same.

However, unlike your ability of remote viewing, which comes from your strongest clair ability of Clairvoyance, I am more developed in the gift of Clairsentience. I have always been very intuitive and able to feel and sense energies/emotions beyond the physical senses. This is why I believe I was born an Intuitive Empath. But, someone my ability increased, or possibly triggered, the surfacing of another ability. I am now able to physically feel the physical touch of spirits. So, I can now sense vibrations, energies, emotions, along with physically feeling them interact with, and work on, my meridian bodies. I am just know on the verge of attuning myself to the abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

I want you to know, anything that is around you is not negative. Negative spirits are only as negative as we make them. If you have sensed this spirit before and it has yet to harm you, then you need to release that fear you have placed upon you. Embrace your ability, because you were born a sensitive for a reason.

Get in touch with your soul to embrace the confidence to explore your experiences with courage. Your soul knows everything there is to know about everything you need to know. Learn to shun your left hemisphere (logical) and start using more of your right hemisphere (intuitive). The key to connecting with the higher-self is to create a bridge from the intuitive hemisphere of the brain with the center of your being, the heart.

I promise that once the curtain falls you will begin to see the truth behind the deception of evil. I know at times its hard to break free from the fear of the unknown. But, your ability to connect with other dimensions of reality is beneficial for the journey you are to take during this lifetime. The funny thing is, the only thing that is stopping you is fear and fear is the main form of corruption.

Best of LUCK!:D
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-16)
Okay first is I relate to you so muh it's scary.

The meditation, there's a few reasons I can't do it. One is because I can't concentrate on things very long. And two because bad images pop into my head. Image of monsters or scary things that I somehow know are bad or evil without them really looking evil or even still if I don't get images I get a feeling of dread. I haven't yet figured out why but I think it's because there might be a negative spirit around me or that something is trying to get my attention for some reason or another.

The dreams. Every person dreams at least once a night. My dreams though aren't regular and I'm guessing yours aren't either. I dream in detail of the future. Like ill dream I'm with someone and we are talking about something and ill know something they don't. Then a time after I wake up (seconds-years) I will experience that same thing and get déjà vu. Also I sometimes get dreams of metaphorical future. Like you said your grandma was in the clouds that's a metaphor or being dead. The reason you're having those dreams is because your grandparents are telling you something is going to happen. Pay close attention to what they are doing or saying in your dreams. There's a very important matter you need to take care of for them.

Also if you want to talk just email me cattyd33 [at]

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