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Young Psychic: My Experiences


  This is for the young Psychics such as myself, and the inexperienced Psychics, who are out there dealing with ridicule and suffering from fear. This is for the ones who wish to know how to improve and use their abilities, and to learn to overcome. I know exactly how you feel, and you are not alone. Ever since I can remember, I have had extra-sensory abilities. I began to try and understand them only a year ago. Before then, I would just think that maybe it was my imagination, or that there was some logical explanation for what I was feeling or seeing. But I knew in the back of my mind, that there truly wasn't a reasonable explanation, or so I thought.

    When I was in school (I graduated in June), I had a rough time, and had normal problems that any teenager would have, but I also had issues that were considered abnormal. I was showing Empathic signs, and Mediumistic abilities. At the time, I had no knowledge of what these abilities were, so I couldn't quite cope with what I was experiencing.  A night that I will never forget, was the night I decided to stay at my close friend's house. We had thought that it would be fun to spend the night outside. We set up the tent, and I waited inside of it with her dog Patty, as she went in to grab more necessities for the tent. 

    As I was waiting, all seemed peaceful at first. But then, I felt this wave of dread and fear wash over me. It seemed as if everything around me became personified, and the full moon was brighter than before. I noticed Patty, my friend's small dog, was extremely restless as well. She was staring off near the shed, where a dark shadow could be seen off to the side. Breathing was becoming a difficult task for me, and I couldn't wait for my friend to come back outside. Once she did, I told her how uncomfortable I felt, and that I needed to go inside. We packed up the tent and our things, and headed back in. As we made our way up the porch and into the my friend's place, I became physically ill. 

   I had to sit down for a while, which is when my friend began to tell me of how she and her friend had tried to spend one night in the tent in the same area. She said that while she went inside, her friend saw a shadow pass by the tent, thus caused her to be afraid to be out there, and needed to go inside. I was shocked. I did not have any idea of her friend's experience until she told me, and it surely gave me chills.

    Since then, I have encountered many more spirits, both people and animals alike. For a time, I tried to ignore my abilities, until they were beginning to overwhelm me. I then sought help from another close friend of mine, who's aunt was a Medium, and went to a spiritual church. My friend told me that there was a Reverend there who could help with my situation. She said that she was a Medium, and highly Psychic. When I met with the Reverend, she told me the occurences that I was experiencing, were normal, and that I was a Medium. She also mentioned of how I had potential in both Spiritual Healing, and in Channeling. I found out about my Empathy on my own. Whenever I visited the church, I always felt welcome and understood, and soon some of my friends began to support me as well. They even made a few visits to the church. I was happy that I could finally have some peace and happiness in my life again. I'm still struggling with my abilities, and what I want to do with my life, but I know that if I stay positive, and surround myself with positive, there's nothing I can't do.

   I know it's hard for some children, teens, and even adults who are trying to come to terms with their abilities, but I tell you this, do not let anyone tell you that you are crazy, or strange, or fake, because you were given these gifts for a reason. Have faith that someone will understand you, because not one person is the same. Of course there will be times where you'll feel down or outcasted but realize that you are truly never alone. The best advice that I can give to those of you who are struggling, find those who understand you, who won't look at you as just a Psychic. Find a good support system, and find balance within yourself and your life. And always know that you are loved, no matter what.

Blessings of Love and Light.

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