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It Started When I Was Young


I just that is how I'll start. Ever since I was young I have had this "feel" on things. You know, whose calling, or what my grandmother was about to ask me. I never thought much of it then, I was a kid. Before my dad died, he would come in and tell me to stare at something, and concentrate. Usually he would have me focus on the ceiling fan switches that hung. I could never get them to move, not fully. But more and more he wanted me to concentrate and focus. I didn't want to, it bored me.

When I was nine I walked into the room while my grandmother was on the phone. She didn't have to look at me, or say anything. I already knew. My father was dead. Of course I threw a fit, I had never felt so much pain. But that's when everything shifted. I began answering my grandma before she could ask her question, I would tell her little things that made no sense to me. Then one day, I must of been 10 or so, I walked in and told her that our neighbor, John was dead. I don't recall why I decided to say that. I didn't even know at the time if it was true or not. My grandma played it off as me watching too many scary movies. Then one day I came home from school with police next door, and my grandmother had told me I was right.

Not to long after that my grandma sat me down and said we should talk. She told me that my father, when he was young like I was would do and say things she and he couldn't explain. She told me how he came in one day and told her that her mother wasn't coming over that day because she was in the hospital. My grandmother had already known this, but didn't tell my father that. She just went on with stories. Again, being so young, I had better things on my mind, like friends and riding bikes.

I started having dreams that I could control. I could move, walk, talk and even change my dream. I soon started to have these shadow people come to my dreams and talk to me about things that are going on in my life, even things that yet to happen. I could never see them other than shadows. When I was around 15 they stopped coming. Until now.

I am now 22, I recently had my first son. I never lost control of my dreams, so when I began to have things come in my dreams that I couldn't control, naturally, it bothered me. I have been able to start seeing the same shadow people as when I was young, but this time they do not speak. I have been extremely more sensitive to the world around me, I never get scared, but I am getting genuinely more curious each day. I always feel like I am not alone, you know, like someone is upstairs peeking around the corner or whatever. A few days ago, I swore I heard my cousin ask me what I was making for dinner, so I simply answered her. Then she gave me the strangest look and asked what I had said that for. I told her she asked me and she refused. Its becoming more frequent, since I have had my son 9 weeks ago. I am not sure why, or how its come back, or anything. I am confused. Last night I swear the Shadows weren't in my dream. I think they were in my room, or my dream was too real. Maybe I am going crazy, but that's why I started researching.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-02)
You are not crazy and I'm very sorry to hear about your dad my mom and dad got a divorce and I can or will probaly see my dad again I know how I feels ill be praying for you
God bless you

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