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Perceiving Events And What Not


I have always had thoughts about things in my life and them coming true. For instance I will be going about my daily life and get a "feeling" about something and if I don't act on the feeling and correct it, usually the feeling comes true. Example: my Nana recently passed away and I got some things from her house afterward. We were very very close and I considered her my mother, of sorts, as well as my best friend. Well I got a garden ornament that lights up and isn't worth much, but to me, it meant a lot. Anyway I remember looking at it the other day and saying to myself, I better tell my fiancé to be careful around that, it means a lot to me. Alas I did not tell him anything and not more than 15 minutes later he came in and started throwing away a bunch of broken glass and I stopped him and said what is that!? What are you doing and he told me the garden ornament was broken (he didn't know where it came from) I was in tears of course. This type of thing happens all the time. I foresee things that may happen in my head and usually they happen. I had a feeling once that I was going to witness a wreck on the freeway and no more than 10 minutes later I did. I will have feelings about certain people in my life and their actions and warn them about their decisions and I am almost always right. What is this!? What would this be considered!? I would like some help in honing this gift of mine and maybe refining it and helping people. I feel like I may be able to help people?

Also when I connect with people I feel that connection always. I used to feel when my Nana was upset and instinctively call her to see if she was ok. I do this with friends, family and people I barely know, I feel like I can feel what they are feeling and I usually call them and ask if they are ok, (if it is a bad feeling).

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