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In My Dreams


In the past 2 years I keep dreaming of the same place that is well known to me. Every time I dream of this place there is a new born baby either in my arms or someone I know, s arms. After I've dreamt of this I always hear of someone dying within a week of my dreams, can you please explain this to me if possible. My eldest daughter is studying Anthropology at university and she once mentioned my dreams to one of her lecturers, who in reply said I should look into re-carnation as I might of been a seer in a past life. I'm not sure what to make of this and sometimes it un-nerves me once I wake, however in my dreams I am always peaceful and serene. I am not expecting to be told I have some sort of gift, as I don think I do. But it happens quite often with the same outcome. My last experience was just a few weeks ago, I dreamt of a birth, and the next night I was lying in bed thinking about an elderly man who lives nearby, the following evening I heard he had died, this rattled me a little as I had never thought of an actual individual dying. I usually have the dream and then just hear about a death. Last night I dreamt of a lady and her daughter, (the lady in question is ill and I am not a close friend of her) the baby was in my dream, but this time the baby belonged to me and was just a few hours old. This dream was so clear it felt real. I also have been getting a lot of double numbers when I look at the time in the last few months, ie- 11.11, 17.17, 20.20. I am not sure if this actually means anything either or just a coincidence.

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