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Feeling, Seeing, And Dreaming The Future


For a couple of years now, I have been experiencing dreams and "visions" of what actually happens. Also, I get these feelings, when I get the feelings, I feel like just bursting out in tears, or just something emotional like that.

An example of one of the feelings: One day last year, when my school was letting out, I felt this heartbreaking feeling; during this feeling, I found myself staring at a girl in my grade. Later on that night, her mom sadly died.

Another example of the feelings: About four years ago, there was a family party, I guess you could call it, at one of my aunts houses. The party was awesome only because my cousin was there, to me, he was like the world's best brother, he was my best friend. My favorite cousin ever. When the party was over, it was around 9:00 so it was dark outside. I was in my car and I remember looking over at my cousins car with him in it and wanting to just stay with him and not let him drive away. I felt that same heartbreaking feeling. Later, my cousin died in a car wreck. He was killed instantly, Police believe.

My dreams are mostly realistic. I can feel everything in them. Most people say to me that you are able to control your dreams, I have tried many times but it is never anywhere close to working. I have nightmares a lot that I think of them as warnings.

An example of my dreams: I had a dream once that I was in my mom's car and she forgot to put the parking brake on before she got out, so the car rolled down a very steep hill backwards with me still in it. The dream was scary but a couple days later, my mom actually did forget to put the parking brake on and the car started to roll backwards. (I quickly put it on to stop the car though)

Sometimes I get visions of things happening, I am always in my visions.

An example of my visions: One day, my friends through a surprise party for me and right after I saw who was there, I had this like movie going on in my mind of one of my friends hiding in a bush and scaring my other friend so much she ran away. Then I saw myself laughing. This happened exactly the same way I saw it happening in my mind a few minutes later.

If you have the same happening to you, please share! Also, if you know or think I can actually tell the things that have not yet happened yet please share!

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Hanm (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-05)
Thank you for sharing your experiences with me! That is creepy how you had the dream that someone kidnapped you. I am new to this website also.
dreamgirl21 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
One night I have a bad feeling and the next day I found out that one my close friend, that her friend had got hit by a train... And one time years ago when I was younger my mom and I have to pull into a warehouse to sleep because a road was close. And when I close my eyes to get some rest I had a dream that a car pull into the warehouse and was going to kidnap me... Than when I woke up a car just pull in and I told my mom let leave... And also have a lot of dream that come true... I'm new to this website so I'm glad I'm not alone... With my before right I dream of the day we meet before we even meet... It like I see event of the future in a dreams that would happen years later... And now I been having a lot of de ja vu lately! I would have dream of people I don't know and see their face very clearly and than years later I would meet the way I saw them in my dream. Ever dream I have also feel realistic.

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