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Lightning Bolts


Most of my experiences involve one certain person. I can't say that I ever noticed anything out of the ordinary when I was very small, but around the time that I started menstruation I noticed that one or two dreams that I had came true. I can't even say that I realized it at the time. I just looked back one day and thought, 'you know, you dreamed that.'

Fast forward a few years to my early twenties to right after I had my first child and I had a few experiences again. I dreamed the exact location of where they would put a grocery store in my hometown even though everyone was looking at another location at the time. One night a few cows got hit by a semi and at the same time I was dreaming about a cow's head with huge glowing headlights that whooshed through me and left me cold. All the dreams I had that I knew were coming true or happening were about seemingly stupid stuff. It was innocuous and I didn't pay much attention to it until I had a few dreams that my child was being hurt or killed. They have never come true, but they scared me so much that I mentally closed a door and the dreams for the most part stopped.

Now, over a decade since I closed my mental door, I have been prompted to open it again. It has been open for about a year and a half. My trigger was a person. I am sensitive to this person's energy and have been since we met. It took some time to realize exactly what was going on. I thought that I must be obsessed with him. I just could not stop thinking about him. Questions came next; why can I not stop thinking of this person? Is he important to me?' I have been drawn to people before, but never this strongly.

I literally started seeing his name written in the clouds. I think my guardians must've been at their wit's end trying to get my attention because I didn't know to look for signs. When I learned to look for his name or initials in the clouds, they then started showing me an 'I' symbol with a curvy top and bottom. I saw that symbol everywhere over and over again until I looked it up on the internet and found the baybayin kah. It means a connection between two things, two souls, to put a loose translation on it. Okay, so our souls are connected and that is why I feel him like this. That is not the end of my story, however. There have been several instances in which I did not know he was there, but I felt him and he appeared.

He works in a store that I shop frequently. We do not talk much outside of, 'Hey, how are you?' But one day I had been in the store and he was not at work. I was about to get into my car when I felt a bolt to the brain and looked up and he was driving across the parking lot. The second time it happened, I was going in the store after not seeing him in there for weeks. His car was not in the parking lot either, but then I felt that same bolt to the brain and as I looked up he was looking away from me at one of the registers. Then, I was shopping one day and talking to someone else as I walked along. Right before I laid eyes on him a train wrecked in my brain. I heard metal clang on impact. Once again, he was looking away from me, looked over me, and never spoke to me.

Another time when I was shopping, an image of him smiling at me appeared in my head while I was concentrating on reading a label. I never saw him in the store, but when I was leaving, his car was in the parking lot. It was not there when I went in. I can only assume that in the moment that I saw him, maybe he was looking at me. It does seem that he shows up a lot when I am in there shopping even if he is not at work. The latest occurrence happened the other day. I knew he was there this time and went in on purpose to see him. I kind of laughed at something that he said and started to leave the store. As I walked up to the doors it felt like a force collided with my back and an arm came around me from behind. A wave went through my brain and I almost staggered. I was disoriented for a second. It didn't feel like an attack. My first inclination was that someone had rushed after me. I know that it came from him, but I wonder if he did it on purpose, or if it was an accident?

I do have to admit that I feel love for him and maybe that makes for a strong physic connection, but I also love my husband and children and I don't really have things like that happen around them. I did know to check my husband's phone once and found that he was cheating on me. I am not the type to check my husband's phone. I woke up with an uncontrollable urge to look at his messages. I also had the girl's name whispered in my ear two or three weeks prior to that, but I had no idea what that meant at the time.

My experiences with this person caused me to start researching physic phenomena and also to start meditating again. I can feel other people sometimes, but not like I can feel this person.

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