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It has been years of living in this world, although now I'm more aware of what's within me but communication is still not so clear, it's like trying to listen to distant voices carried in the air, it's not sound but thought that seems like speech. Now let's get into the story, Hanuman is a Hindu deity who is in the form of an ancient half human half ape race called vanara, he was heroic, extremely strong, terrifying when angered but still extremely joyful and playful like a monkey, as a child I never could understand why I looked into strange corners and then suddenly become angry or suddenly knowing that a place is not right or clean or getting extremely happy and playful for no reason, it was always more confusing than it was fun. In recent months though after knowing about Hanuman more deeply I realize it is his play with me, and I've learned to call him into my body, and when he comes, my body becomes more resistant to fire and pain plus he helps people healing some and clearing negative energies for others, this is so far the clearest method for me to communicate with him because in mediation I still can't communicate with him as communicating with another person, maybe I need more practice. Once I have a very clear path to communicate with him I plan to write books about the supernatural and how to protect against them, many people don't believe in this, but these things can cause normal humans to become mad, to murder or be driven to addiction. I wish for everyone to live their life and complete it without disturbance which they can't see.

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