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Spirits Caught Saying


November 17th 2013 I started to fully experience the spiritual world. I have had three different paranormal groups (all well respected and one worked closely with another world wide known group) come to my house and say there is something here. Weird thing is none knew about each other visits but their conclusions are all the same. I'm not lying, crazy or have any medical issue's, so please know that. They say there is like a portal in my house. That's about the best they can explain it. So with that said there is also a history between me and this place. Long story met my bio and found out he had lived here when it was a different building years before I was born. I had have dreams about it and experience a thing that is very attached to me. Anyway, I record my house on video because so much stuff happens whether I'm alone or people are over, pretty much there is a lot always happening. I have caught a lot of things too including voices. Now when this all started happening I caught one saying (female) "help us". Nov 2014 I caught another (female but different tone) saying "help" Now two nights ago while I was asleep I caught a very frantic female voice saying "help me... Help me" the second one was only seconds later and sounded more desperate. A month earlier I caught what I believe is the same one saying I know. Question is what in the world can I do? I have "abilities" but I have never been able to see people who have lived, I see other things but I don't know what to do and I am getting frustrated about it. If there is someone here I feel they need to go and move on. I don't know how to help them, or what to do. My ability is not with human spirits but they seem to be very attracted to my house, along with the other things here. Anyone have any advice on what to do? Beside's a spirit board because I refuse to do that. I've already had and dealt with evil in my house, though it was never brought in by anything man man. Different story for a different time.

Thank you so much.

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