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Prophetic Dream


Swear this is true guys.

My mum is a retired nurse. She is 83 years old. She has diabetes and is on insulin injections. My brother has it also.

I explained in an earlier story blog that I had a dream in which I found some 'Ghosts,' in an old church hall which had an hotel attached to it that they said they had been 'watching me.' I also said that I was told by the hotel receptionist to go into a certain hotel room and I would find something interesting.

I said then it was a prophetic dream. And that I hate being right.

I am not medical I swear I am not.

But I was sleeping today on the settee. (Usually I sleep with a machine). I did not mean to nap but I was so tired.

I found I was in a dream whereby I had to pick my way through lots of clothes (which made me extremely happy). Then I was in a large house which was light and airy. My mum I was up the street in another house. She telephoned me to visit her. The telephone had an answerphone.

I managed to get to her before she left a message. I explained that I was not coming as I did not feel well. I had the flu and something else.

This is the important bit.

My mum then explained that if I took a tablet called M*********n and one other I would be fine enough to join her. I have never heard if this medication before.

My husband takes tablets so I went through his supply just in case I read it somewhere. There was nothing with that name in the cupboard.

I decided to type in most of the name in the browser bar when I woke up and googled it.

The medication is given to people with the condition I have.

The title of the page states

"Alternate Medications Other Than M******* for Type 2 Diabetes"

I swear I have never heard it before and the doctor has yet to give me medication for it.

I also felt that if I did not wake up then I would not wake up at all. Then I heard my husband calling me and woke up.

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