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Weird Prophetic Dream I Had In April 2008 Cyclone Nargis


I had a weird dream of people on top of houses and water for miles around in this un-known land somewhere. What was weird was how I could still see those pictures in my head the next morning. Usually my dreams fade by the time I wake up and I can't remember anything much about them.

I said to my wife I had a weird dream last night and she didn't really pay any attention to it. She's always a bit like that 'don't be silly' sort of thing.

We were both due to fly to Thailand the next morning, the flight from London to Bangkok was ok with no problems and we arrived in Bangkok. We arrive in Thailand's water throwing season everyone is throwing water at cars and people in Bangkok but we are engaged in now looking for an internal fight out to the North East of Thailand but we can't get one so we stay in a hotel for the night.

The next morning we board our flight, mid way through our flight to the North East of Thailand it begins to rain and it is coming down and flashes can be seen out of the plane window. I'm like, "Oh s@@te." I'm just sitting on the plane thinking to myself about the dream I had, oh my goodness.

Luckily, nothing happens. We land ok and we're then driven north to my wife's parent's house and on the first night the rain never stops. It keeps me awake all night and again I'm thinking to myself I don't really want to spend all night on the roof with water all around me luckily we're ok and the rain subsides and in the morning you couldn't tell it had been raining, it's bright sunshine.

I decide to switch on the TV and all I see is destruction, people on roofs, water everywhere exactly like my dream. It was Cyclone Nargis in Burma next to Thailand.

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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
Hi Gallagher,
Yup a precognitive dream, problem is with these, that unless there are symbols or something definate which may indicate dates of occurence, no one is ever sure of WHEN this stuff is going to happen... Even if there are clear indications of dates etc,. No one is going to believe you (unfortunately)

So If I were you, I would just start keeping a journal, and noting this sh*t down, if not for any one elses sake than your own... It is fascinating to look back on, and a good memeory of your holiday! (jealous!)

Peace, Lin x

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