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A Black Atlantic Connection: Prophetic Dreams And A Vision


I've had a few prophetic dreams and have begun to panic less on my sanity or their peculiarity, these days I just take them as they come. Mostly it's once or possibly twice a year for something very mundane. For example, someone I hardly know is angry at me. When I was staying abroad in Northern India in my early adulthood, I had such a dream and woke up thinking, I hardly talk to that man why would I dream such a thing? The next day he, a Tibetan monk, was furious at me for a misunderstanding regarding hotel rent. And so it goes, but nothing beyond the small circle in my life.

A few years ago, however, I had this nightmare. I dreamt of jewels falling down a drain pipe with black refugee hands reaching to save the them before it was too late. It was too late though. The jewels fell into the drainpipe too far down where there were blades and other sharp things to compete. The jewels were lost and the words "something precious has fallen" came to my mouth. I woke up. Usually within 10 minutes I realize the dream versus the real world and then calm down. This time into the night I could not. I began pacing my living room seeing the drain and saying "something precious has fallen" many times and before long a half hour passed. Finally I sat down in the dark breathing more slowly and dazed. A few days later at work, there was an announcement that Haiti had a major earthquake. To further note: A year earlier I had a web site with drawing of an alter, a 'still life' of fruit, a sculpture of a ram, a blue deity in remembrance and offering of my India travels when a Southern black art history professor and his wife hired me for a month. Seeing my digital portfolio they showed me pictures of Yoruba religious ceremonies and it looked eerily similar. I began taking an Haitian Folkloric dance class at the time of the dream.

To add to the dreams, I now occasionally get visions in complete daylight. Not often, again, usually mundane; a holographic visual in the middle of the day of a friend telling a joke I made to his family and they all laugh. Most recently, it happened with an artist, fairly famous on my social network. I only had a small idea from his profile who he was but he is black, from West Africa and well received in intellectual circles. He's chatty, then off a month, then chatty again. It was January, he'd been off for a few months and I missed it. His website indicated he was going on a promotional tour soon. Thinking about this, suddenly his spirit in the form of a fuzzy hologram right out of Star Trek appeared before me and I walked up to it and said simply "Come back." Then the it disappeared and I was standing in my living room alone dazed again. This never happened before, an actual contact in the light of day. Perhaps I was thinking too hard, I thought to myself. The very next day the artist starting chatting again after a several month silence.

Soon, even though he has over a hundred thousand followers and never direct, he began to talk to me in metaphorical language and synchronistic timing (ie sub speak). This 'sub-speak' is a game I play with people I know on social networks; outsiders don't understand the 'joke' but even insiders may get it mixed up. So he became flirty but he has swag as many on the social networks do. Here's how I know it's not in my head. He began to subtly flirt with my friend and she plays along: he posts a pic, she posts a response. This man had a tour to my city and I attended, now curious because of my vision and flirtatiousness. The place where he spoke, however, was packed. I listened to his talk but I left before meeting him but not before catching his eye a couple times. No special 'feeling' or 'sense' at the event, so I racked it up to just a 'psychic experience' and online play, no connection to 'real life'. The next day I kept hearing a love song from a country singer Kenny Rogers, who I never listen to (it was my fathers favorite singer however) ear worm through my head. An hour later the artist tweets a Kenny Rogers song and mocks me for running away. This strangeness is still going on. Psychic spirit friend/teacher indeed.

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