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I Don't Know What Is Happening... Do I Have Physic Abilitys


When I was young I use to talk to the walls I know that sounds weird but I can't remember if I was really talking to anyone or not. MY sister brought it up to me and I said yea I remember talking but I don't remember who I was talking to because I was really young. One time my mom took me to this haunted place where kids were murdered she took all of my family it was around Halloween. As soon as we got there I started screaming and I was the only one screaming and the reason I was screaming was because I could feel a million emotions at once. And it was scaring me. I was feeling sadness, and I was feeling just the most evil anger. I made my parents leave immediately. The sadness energy followed me all the way home. And I could not sleep that night. Every house that my mom has lived at I have had experiences at them. Like voices and seeing stuff.

When I was in the 6th grade I started having dreams that actually came true and I wasn't afraid because I assumed everyone had them. I know it happened first in the 6th because I remember exact details about the dream that are weird. So a few days before I was suppose to go to an amusement park with my cousin I had a dream and the dream was that we were going on a haunted train at an amusement park as we were about to take our seats I crossed my arm and reached out for a rail and said I want to sit next to luke which is my cousin. A few days later I went to the amusement park and did the exact thing. In order. And I didn't realize until after I had done it. I noticed exactly after I said "I want to sit next to luke". And sometimes when I have conversations with people I can guess what they are going to say...

Also I use to not dream often but now I do dream and my dreams are really weird... And sometimes I wake up from them but when I go back to bed I go right back into the dream. Is that normal? I literally pick up right where I left off. Like one time my uncle who died two years ago came to me in a dream he was leading me from evil into gods arms. I woke up really scared. And another night I had a dream about my uncle again and he picked me and my sister up and rescued us from this girl we use to be friends with (not any more) as he was about to leave he turned to me and said tell your sister I love her. Which I thought was weird because she was in the dream with me at the time he said that...

The dream I had last night might not have anything to do with spirits or anything but I just thought it was weird so id mention it. So the dream started with me and my sister we were walking around an old building maybe a school not really sure but there were two men walking around shooting people in the building and killing them... When the man finally reaches us I tell my sister to let me go talk to him. When I get to him he doesn't shoot me right away. Instead he looks into my eyes and he is an older maybe in his late 30's man he is a beautiful man and you wouldn't be able to tell he was just shooting people. Well when he looks into my eyes he kisses me and then stops shooting people. I then see his soul and he is the most beautiful loving man ever. Weird right? Well in the dream we fall in love. But when I look up at the man to kiss him a different time. It is a different man a younger man about 19 or 20. Yet he is the same... And I don't know how that I know that but I do... The people in my dream end up changing my sister is no longer in the dream. And there are a ton of new people... I never got the mans name but he is the only one that stays the same throughout the dream. Later in the dream we are still in the same building but we are living there and the world is different. All evil is outside of the building so we don't leave it. The only person who leaves is the man from the beginning the one I fall in love with, he is protecting me and 3 other people. This dream just keeps getting weirder. In the next part of the dream I am walking down a hall and into a public shower and when I walk in there their are people in the shower with blood all over their face and they keep saying help me but I don't want to help them they scare me. All of the sudden the man appears the one from the beginning my "protector" and he makes them go away. In the next part of the dream I have a baby "which is weird because I am 17 and I will not have children for a long time and I have not really thought about it." I am the baby's mother of course and the protector (what I'm calling him now) is the father. After the baby is born the plot of my dream changes. I am no longer afraid of the evil that is outside the building. All I care about is protecting my baby from the evil. And I know that the same feeling I have over the baby (which is a weird indescribable feeling I have never felt in real life of just incredible love) is the feeling that my PROTECTOR has over me. Its weird. After I have the baby and I am watching it and protecting it I wake up from my dream. Weird right?

well there is a point to telling you about that dream. Last night right before I went to sleep and had that dream while I was awake I heard noises... Sometimes it sounded like voices. Everyone in my house was asleep. And I knew that. No tvs were on. I kind of shrugged it off. But less then 30 minutes later when I looked up I saw a yellow-orange-gold ball of light. It was dark and there was not explanation for it. It flew across the room leaving trail of energy behind it almost like if someone was throwing fire. But it was a round ball shape. And then after two secounds it disappeared. I was in disbelief and frozen looking at the place it had appeared. Less then 2 minutes later the ball returned again. I was afraid so I started screaming for my family and then it didn't return again. And eventually I fell asleep and had that dream.

I don't know if the two are linked. But I would really like for someone to help me figure this out. Is there maybe any answer for any of this? Is there something wrong with me? I am so afraid and I have no one to talk to about this. If anyone out there could please comment on here and tell me what they think I would appreciate it. Stuff like this has been happening to me my whole life!

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cl32 (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-17)
Iv had a few weird dreams and even though there have been deaths in the an people I know there usualy there so I can make the connection. I also see orbs a lot of things drawing my attention to things that are of a certain colour though can get annoying because even though I know there trying to tell me something it's like there always telling me to clean aswell lol... And the golden energy is definatley spirit or angels, not sure what all the colours represent yet unless it's the chakra points il also hear voices and words etc all the time, it can be annoying though especially always feeling pressure on my head or neck etc and I'm not very good at the visualising things and if I look at a specific colour I just see numbers or faces or love hearts etc which is no diffrent to looking at anything else with concentration
AmberEyes (2 stories) (116 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-08)
Hi, just thought I'd try and put a few ideas out there about your experience just to give you my perspective (not saying it is right or wrong, just what I think).

Okay, so first, let's talk about everything apart from your dream with the 'protector'. All of those experiences, the house, your uncle etc leads me to thinking you are or have the potential to be a medium. Since you can communicate/feel the energy of the deceased.
I think, if you wanted to, you could develop your abilities so that you could become a medium and have these interactions more often. But, I wouldn't just think, oh that sounds cool I'll try it, because you need to be 100% sure that you would want that. Do you really wan to communicate with spirits? Some can be malicious.
Personally, I don't think I would be able to cope, but then again, we are different people so maybe you would be strong enough. Anyway, I kind of deviated from the topic. In short, you sound like you have the capacity to become a medium.

Secondly, Your dreams that come true is what is called precognition, I have had that too and lots of people get it, so don't worry about that. It's normal and if you make a dream journal it might even come in useful to warn you about something or prepare you if you're going to get bad news.

Thirdly, The dream with your 'protector' and the energy. This is the tricky part as it can be interpreted in many different ways. A few suggestions I have in mind is either:
1) He is your spirit guide. Which is basically, a being from a higher realm that watches over you and can protect you from certain situations, people or spirits. This is plausible as, if you have the gift of mediumship, you would definitely need some sort of protection against malicious spirits.
Additionally, the feeling of 'love and the need to protect' which you think he felt towards you also is evidence to suggest this.
Keeping in this train of thought, if he is your spirit guide, maybe the people he shot were spirits that had bad intentions for you.
The glowing light could be his presence, since it is orange/gold which seems to be pure, protecting colors.
2) He may be just a spirit. You have to be careful because sometimes spirits can trick you, make you believe they are your guide just to gain your trust. Maybe this is why he shot people, he is not all good? You were confined to the room because he wanted to isolate you from the world, making you believe it was for your safety?
3) Kind of the same as 2. Maybe, he could be a holy presence, such as an angel, sent to protect you. To fulfill the same role as mentioned about the spirit guide option above.

Hopefully, this gives you a starting point to help you try and understand what you are going through. Others may have varying views so maybe before you base any decisions on what I've said, you can wait for other responses or do your own research. But, you should also listen to yourself; deep down, you know what is right for you. You know yourself best so you will have the best idea on what applies to you.

Good luck and I wish you all the best for you in the present and future. 😊

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