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1st Prophetic Dream And Seeing Others Memories Or Futures


This dream happened when I was 14. Now, usually when I dream I forget about it. But some dreams are harder to forget, something in me keeps telling me to remember certain dreams. In it, was my crush at the time.

So we where in front of a lake at night with the full moon reflecting on the water. I was sitting between his legs just staring at the moon.

Once I woke up, that scene kept playing in my head. Fed up with it I took my sister's dream dictionary to see if my dream meant anything at all or was it just me wanting to be with my crush. After finding out that my dream in fact had a meaning, I waved it off. Oh how I wish I would've paid attention to it. My dream was telling me, I was going to be extremely happy at first but towards the end it was going to end really bad. It came true.

To more recent dreams. I was with this guy for a total of 9 1/2 months. I thought he was the perfect guy for me (I was wrong). We were emotionally attached to each other. Well, May of last year I had a dream of him cheating on me with a blonde, blue eyed girl. In the dream he gets caught by his mother and clearly did not let him have his fun. I told him days later and he just stared at me with wide eyes. Sad to report that in August he cheated on me while on a trip with a blonde blue eyes woman and didn't enjoy himself. That wasn't all. I actually had dreams that seemed more like memories, his memories, with this woman.

This guy came into my life and there was an instant connection. He had only mentioned his dog died when he was a kid. Never gave me much information. One night I had a dream about us, walking down a dirt path there was this dog cut in half. I told him about it and he began asking me questions about the dog in my dream. The details matched his late dog. Turned out, his dog got ran over and was cut in half.

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