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I'm not sure when it started happening, but I often get these weird visions of which I think are dreams, but later on actually happen.

They can be minor things, but other times quite graphic things. I never think about it until the thing happens and when it does I'll remember seeing it.

Occasionally I'll be doing something or having a conversation and just think to myself "I've already done this/heard this" and it's always exact and seems far to visual and detailed to be fake, because when these thoughts do happen my body just has this sudden pause, I have this feeling in my body and mind that this HAS happened before and everything does back to the daydreams and get the visions and feelings all over again. Sometimes when I get these 'daydream visions' people ask me if I'm okay, because from what people describe my face turns emotionless.

Some examples of my experiences are I once had this vision of me and my friends sat in a class room cutting out triangles and sticking them into a pattern, now I wasn't even in any classes with them at the time, but about a month or so after the vision I got move maths classes and sat between these two friends and the EXACT thing I saw happened, now I know it's not something major, but I have another example.

I hear songs that don't exist in my head and months later someone release them.

My granddad got ill and I had a dream that he had an operation to fix it in which he died and it happened.

I don't enjoy the feeling I get when these experiences happen, I just like to get it off my chest with people that are having similar issues and visions as I am, so glad it's not only me

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reyloki (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-12)
Im 18 and stuffs like this usually happen to me. I gues I'm to concios that's why. Sometimes I dream about things and after one, two ar three days they happen. I had a dream about my uncle falling off a vehicle one day when I was having a nap. I got scared in my dream so I woke up and told my family. They just ignored me, and the next day, my uncle died in a car accident.

Sometimes I dream about small things and later on see them; one time I dreamt that I saw a bus, and in the morning I saw that exact bus. Sometimes I think of a song and humm it in my mind but after a second or so that actual song plays on the radio. Sometimes I feel future happenings. Just this evening, I was sitting close to my little sister and I just got up and told everyone that she'll soon be sick, and after 1 hour she cought fever.

Sometimes what I dream for come true. For instance the life I'm living in now was wished for years back when I was 13,

I'm scared anyone help
afuzia (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-12)
holy shiat I'm really sorry but I thought I was crazy because this happened to me all the time. Believe me you are not alone <3

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