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How Close Is Too Close To Your Best Friend?


I'm Francine, 21 years of age and I realized that emotions are my triggers for specific things. Only those to whom I have a strong connection or special bond do I feel them or see their memories and (or) futures. I'm an emotional person as it is, however I do know how to control them, most of the times. This is something weird that I can do with my best friend.

So I met my best friend in the third grade. She was the tallest girl and I was the shortest girl. It's still that way until this day. We always had a blast being together. Unfortunately, we were separated, going to fourth grade. Then we lost touch. A lot happened while we didn't talk. She was in a car accident with her dad and lost him. She is in a wheelchair now. Then one happy day we got reunited in high school. It was like if I was in third grade all over again.

After high school we got closer. Talking about our past, hanging out more. She became my sister.

One morning I wake up and I feel like if I have a hangover. That couldn't be because I didn't drink the evening before. My best friend calls me, tells me she had a rough day, so she started to drink that afternoon and didn't suffer from a hangover. I was a little creeped out by this.

Well this happened the next week. Woke up with a hangover and she told me she drank a lot with no hangover. I end up telling her that it turns out when she drinks I get her hangovers. She laughs. It was amusing to her or she didn't believe me.

Every time I feel my eyes sensitive to the light, dehydrated, or buzzed I know she drank and I tell her not to over do it. She believes this is true. Continues to laugh about it.

Please share your experiences if you had something like this.

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Miss-nish (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-16)
I have things where if I'm close to someone, all of my physical energy goes to them, all the things they need will pass into them, if I get tired my best friend gets hyper, we have the same thoughts at the same time, and I can see her distant future when normally all I see near future, even only my own
LaTimida (2 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-11)
Oh she feels when I'm not doing well. So she'll call me and check up on me. However her busy schedule keeps us from seeing each other. We do have plans during summer break. (Crossing fingers lol)

Also we share in some of the same experiences, mine are a little more out there, than hers in specific areas as are hers.

But wow! ^_^

Thanks so much for sharing.
NightFayre (4 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-10)
I thought it was normal-ish lol. Me and my best friend are like this too. I've known her years now, but it turned out that we sort of knew eachother before talking, we both attended a riding school, however, I was in the lesson above her so we never talked or saw eachother. But when I did see her, she catch my attension before I carried on with talking to my friends (yeah, I had a short attension span, she saids I still do lol) anyway we met years later and started talking. What made me laugh though was we both said the same thing at the same time.
"I feel like i've known you in a past life or something"

Anyway back to experiances, sorry I rabble on xD

One day, I was really ill, almost fainted about 7 times in 24 hours, light headed etc. Basicly just really ill. Now my best friend (lets call her Callie for privacy reasons) well anyway, she had no idea that I was ill unable to move etc. Didn't know my symtoms or anything.
I mangaged to walk down stairs carefully, and got a drink. As I went to walk back up, I passed though the kitchen doorway, when I felt myself go. My eyes blacked out and my legs completly went from under me. As I fell, I mangaged to catch ahold of the doorframe. I stood back up and waited until the dizzyness passed. This happened at a approximately 10am.
I went back school two days later after I had recovered and she asked me how I was feeling.
I said that I was better now and then she replied saying did I nearly faint/black two days ago at about 10am. Shocked I said how did she know, she looked at me shocked and couldn't believe that she'd experianced excactly what happened to me.

Other examples are when either one of us is distressed or sad, we generally know and message to see what's wrong. Its weird because you'll be fine, then suddenly you'll have this gut sort of feeling and feel the emotions and think of that person.
Also when either is in pain, for example I fell over and injuried myself, I didn't feel the pain but she did etc.

Not sure if this is connected but I'll say it anyway. One day I was in the car, I was visting my aunt. While in the car I was daydreaming as usual. Suddenly I heard callies voice, I looked round shocked like what the... She shouted really loudly and sounded frustracted ad angry. This was what she said
"Oh my god! This effing, son of a b**** game!"
I took a mental note of the time and talked to her the next day, I recited what she had excatly said and time etc. Lets just say her mouth gapped open in shock. But its also happened vice versa.

But this are just a few examples, I find it's normally emotions or pain as neither of us drink.:) I find it amazing at how it works though.

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