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Dreaming Of The Devil?


I would like help to determine if something paranormal was plaguing me as a child as I just can't stop thinking about it. All of these dreams plagued me, reoccurring on a nightly basis for years. I lived in an old plantation home that was over 100 years old at the time. ALL of these dreams were real life like, very vivid and all accorded at the home.

1.) Looking out the window of my bedroom I would see a bull dog peering back at me just sitting on an old stump of a tree we had cut down. The bull dog never moved, only stared at me from that same position with piercing red eyes. I always felt he was of evil due to the red eyes, but his intentions were to observe me but not interfere.

2.) An "Angel" showed me how she could float down the steps that led to the first floor. (The stairs are very steep, enclosed by walls on both sides and immediately end at the bottom forcing you to either turn left and step down to the living room or walk into a wall).

The Angel kept telling me to try it in the dream. I finally did one morning in real life. I tumbled down hitting my head on the wall at the bottom (After I tried this attempt to float, the dream never occurred again).

3.) There was a small peek-a-boo window on the wall close the bottom of the stairs mentioned earlier. I would walk down these stairs scarred out of my mind. I would know already what was waiting for me under that window outside. (Every time my intention was to go downstairs for dinner so it was dark outside and there was only one small lamp at the top of the stairs trying its best to illuminate the steps and window at the bottom). As I took each step closer to the window at the bottom I would feel more and more terror. I would finally see, as I these eyes. Glowing red in front of a small black silhouette crouching down. As if it was trying to watch me and scare me out of my mind. I would finally run down the rest of the steps after seeing this finally getting down past it and out to the living room. I remember eating my diner at the table not wanting to have to face it again to go back up stairs.

4.) I would find myself crouched behind an old table starring up our driveway from the dining room. I would see a black van 1970's looking all black. I would feel the need to hide and hide well. I would also dream of dozens of zombies coming up the field from the beach. I would be in the house looking out at them. I new I needed to hide well before they got there to "get" me.

5.) A lion the size of three cars put together would chase me up the same field. The dream would end before I could get to safety.

I during this time would also feel very agitated trying to get to sleep at night. Due to the dreams but also I had felt a presence in my room. The one incident I had was a movement of my cover at the bottom of the bed. It felt as if it moved against my foot enough to make me jump. The bed shook just enough so that I could feel it also. Very subtle. This was the only thing that happened other than feeling total terror in that room at night.

My dreams today as an adult are ALWAYS dreams of being in a house. Any house. Do not understand it. No one has given me any answers as to why its always a house.

Thank you for reading! Any feedback would be much appreciated!

P.S This question is totally unrelated but I wanted to ask since this story would have the potential to reach many... As a person that is contemplating practicing Witchcraft.

Do you think that Witchcraft is the doorway to the devil?

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Thimiz (1 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-15)
In astrology Saturn has been associated with the devil, Satan etc. But as I've studied astrology I can tell you that planet is the most benevolent, holding absolute faith in people. Which makes it hold nothing back, if you're ready to handle it you'll get it. In Russian a witch is defined as "one who knows." So witchcraft is essentially esoteric hidden knowledge. Nothing wrong with that...

About your dreams, is a good site. Other than that I believe our inner self is speaking out to us in dreams, through symbols. So you can try to figure out your dreams by how you feel about them, what parts of you do they evoke.

Good luck on witch craft, you can probably find some help here if you wish so, full of brilliant hearts willing to help all around:)
kepha1979 (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-12)
Shalom Bernie. I can't answer your questions, but I can wish you blessing and hold you in kind thought. My advice... This is only advice, opinion, not an answer... If you feel bad about something, or worried... It might be wisest to not open the door to it. I wish you many blessings and good things, also the guidance and protection of the Divine.
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-12)
All my dreams are about the future or have something important that I must see, and sometimes ghosts visit my dreams and just show me their lives. I did write about a couple of dreams on this website, but I am having trouble with my last entry, and no one has commented except for myself, updating my story as the days goes by. So, all I can say is that if you ignore those evil things in your dreams, they usually go away. In other words, just live life to its extent the way you want it and I hope you have a good dreams
johnsonlourdraj (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-10)
hi Bernie,
I have been undergone your situation once. Thinking about dreams. I can't sleep for a while because I scare what dream would come tonight.

In your 2nd dream you told about the angel. I want to suggest that what ever comes in dream it having a indirect meaning. Like a mirror, if you stand before the mirror your left hand would be the right hand in the image. That's how a dream would be, so don't try those in real life it might be dangerous.

I want to know apart from this dream your daily activities routine work and your hobbies. So that I can find a solution. Why I am asking this means some dream will depends over daily activity or some scary events happen in our life.

And apart from this what ever you believe it will happen. So don't ever mind about the witchcraft works and all. You tell about daily routines and your scary events happen any of your house. I will tell you in the name of christ. What problem it is.

Thank you

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