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Feelings Of Impending Doom, E-mail To Dream


I recently have had this bad feeling, and then a close neighbor confirmed a comment, cannot expand precisely in details yet my perception of a situation involving several people and I were confirmed by him via a tall. Has anyone had a really strong sense of someone you know is a negative energy source and will bring you bad luck or misfortune and then it happens. And I don't mean obvious stuff like driving around drunken on a motorbike with a goof. More ambiguous? I am taking steps to avoid all possible scenarios. I shall update as it occurs. I wrote and email to a over seas relative and then her mom had the exact dream I detailed the same night. My Mom and her sister + my cousin got the email & they did not discuss the topic. Yet the aunt over seas dreamnt what I wrote to my cuz. Damn. Goosebumps. And then all of a sudden back to my 1st comment, and I have seen many many prior instances where I made some extreme life decisions and my father hints at being careful and beating around the bush about certain life decisions the same or next day I make it reality. All of these unrelated and vague examples give me a strong overwhelming psychic feeling as if my acts are known or they intuitively are aware. Stranger than strange. So now I feel bad as I cannot go into more detail but also my mom seems to hint a these same life choices she has no idea and definitely is not talking to dad about them. Here are a few curve balls, maybe someone can see a connection or expand? I have no more to say and ramble now to fulfill the character limit.

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