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Official: 1st Dream I Had Came True 1 Weeks Later. Mostly


I have been going through an enormous amount of stress and worry regarding my pain treatment at a pain clinic recently. They have been - the doctors - wanting and recommending to switch my pain medication (which has been working but is very addictive and not a feasible long term solution to my conditions) and here is where it got scary. Actually, I had a full blown panic attack 5 minutes ago & it is slowly going away as I tell you all this.

I dreamt - last week - that I was at the pain clinic and was being held against my will by the nurses - 2-3 from what I recall. The dream was lucid, vivid colors, sound, as most of my dreams are* I do specifically recall them saying things very clearly and I clearly recall their words* I repeat the word recall and clearly because of how serious this has affected me. Without getting into the specific details I heard a mentally ill man who was also at this clinic shout out some very odd things and they triggered my dream recall - deja vu - I swear he was not in my dream but what he said correlated to what was said in my dream by the nurses! I remained cool while hearing this and tried to block it while experiencing it. I was then called into the doc's office and cool calm and collected we spoke.

Then came the words out of his mouth "we want to detox you off of these pain med's and need to monitor your health, you will need to be admitted as an in patient into the hospital and so on..."

SERIOUSLY, THIS IS TOO MUCH. I dreamnt this, not exactly the scenario however very close!

I have always had these minor deja vu experiences but nothing remotely close to this in accuracy, well not so precise. Very close*****

What can you tell me about this?

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cyclorama (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-09)
You got frustrated from only once. I got bored of things from dozens. I's probably more than 67 now, never counted it. I don't quite understand why I have hard times remembering dream... The dream is always gone in one day, but mostly I don't remember that I dreamed of anything. Many things happening in my life is something that I've dreamed about. I usually remembered when I mostlikely dreamed it. Although not precise.

But good things happens thanks to it.
One day I was watching anime on the TV and I'm playing around with a short stick. I was swinging it back and forth. My mom told me to stop, but I keep playing with it. Suddenly I remembered that I'm doing this... I remember... That I almost blinded my little sister. I hit her eyes. Then I stopped, freaked out, and threw away that stick to the corner.
You should try to manifest the power to alter the future. But don't try to alter too much, especially if you alter things for Greed-- It'll be catastrophic. You can cause Armageddon for a little thing you do.
For example, You remember a kid will get hit by a car 20 minutes from now. You saved a kid from being hit, then her mom comes and suddenly there's a truck that almost hit them. And then the driver tried to stop the truck. The truck spins on the street, hitting people and things. One of the people is bringing skateboard. That skate flew and then hits a man on one of that big machine with metal boulder that is used to destroy things. That man fell, the machine errors, and then hits all building around it. The buildings fell and then hits other buildings around, causing DOMINO effect.
This has caused 1/4 of the city to be destroyed, with the true cause unknown.

IF you choose not to save the kid THEN the kid will fly to the front and then stopped on a zebra cross, while people try to save him, and that truck is stopping since it's red lights.
Oxyman (2 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-06)
Great reply Sevastiel! I would rather not specify the precise comments made by the guy at the clinic because they did not apply to who I am nor believe in at all. They were actually horrifying, the closest I can get to telling you what he said, and what the nurses in my dream 1 week prior said to me was;
"you are a bad person and kill innocent animals" - for example, they called me a person whom is against nature... You see? It was unbelievable! And I just don't want to tell you what they insinuated I was like just because it is too sick and not me at all. Quite the exact opposite actually.
I love and cherish all wildlife and nature. I used to bring home all sorts of baby snakes, bugs, fish, squirrels, etc... As a child and always tried to help them so the comment as you see makes no sense at all to me. But it does scare the socks off of me if you know what I mean? Also, I did tell the doc that I did not want to switch to methadone or suboxone as recommended and thus be admitted inpatient to monitor me for safety...etc... I want to cleanse and reduce my dependence on the pain meds. Naturally mostly** Without having to depend on other meds! The main issue here is, as you sound as if you know very well is that a criminal (questionable) element in society are abusing this medication & doing all kinds of illegal and immoral* stuff with it. And here I am stuck in the middle because of my age bracket, the way I speak and carry on you see. What can you say about me dreaming and practically predicting the precise words and so on? Warm regards and have a warm evening.

Sevastiel (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-06)
<chopped this off for some reason>

The underlying concern here appars to be fear of the pain that you expect to experience if they take away the meds, and thus a dependency upon the meds themselves.
You don't want to go through that, so it feels as if you're being forced against your will when they say they have to take it away.

This may be precog. Or it may reflect your worry over what you know will eventually have to happen, since they informed you the meds they were prescribing you were addictive. Standard practice is to ween the patient off of addictive meds; most of us know that & can put 2 and 2 together and come up with the knowledge that we'll have to come off of those meds eventually.
Sevastiel (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-06)
You should try to be a bit more specific with this dream. I receive precogs off and on (I know, because I record my dreams & reassess them every once in awhile).

But since this regarded something that is very much already on your mind due to past experiences, it strikes me more as what would be natural concerns over your impending experiences.

You could look at it in a different light; if it's precog, then it may simply be telling you not to become too worried over something that you may be too worried about or to expect/prepare yourself for the experience so that it doesn't 'surprise' you and thus impact you in an extreme fashion.

It sounds a lot like what the expected addictive reaction would be; like suddenly quitting smoking or caffeine after years of constant everyday use. It can, in it's fashion, cause anxiety and 'drive a person crazy'. It's difficult & requires a constant awareness of why we feel that way, so that we don't unknowingly react in an irrational/illogical fashion as a result of the underlying stress it can cause.

It eventually goes away. But we have to be aware of it when the 'little voice' asks for more or the tension/emotion it may cause within us do to the 'missing element' influences our behavior. A focused/aware mind can see these things for what they are & control them. But we have to be willing & aware in order to catch it before it manifests as something we might regret later.

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