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I See Odd Pale Colored Lines


I am very confused by what's been going on. Ever since I was in early elementary school I'd see these odd pale colored moving lights.

I remember looking around my room waiting until I could hear my parents get up, so then I could get up. As I would look around I constantly would see outlines of objects.

I had a tea-table and I would see a bright pale yellow line outlining it, but it was like an overlay, not directly on top. But off to the side. Then I'd look over at my dresser and I see a pale purple bluish color, with the same kind of outline off to the side.

As I am typing this now I see a bunch of pale yellow and purple lines that don't really stay still.

I used to get really scared and run into my moms room crying and I would say "Mom there's ghosts in my room." I'd explain to her what I'm seeing. She'd say "it's alright honey, try to go back to sleep." So I'd go back to my room cautiously, but I don't go back to sleep.

I also strictly remember when I was in elementary school that when I'd be trying to fall asleep, I'd see these big horizontal ovals, always green, and in the middle sometimes there'd be black or red or even purple filling.

I'd see them even with my eyes closed. I'd also see red and green and occasionally blue dots just in a cluster. Mostly it's the red and green together. There would be specks just moving around. It was odd.

Just a month ago (also this happened in plenty of other times too), I was in creative writing class, when all of a sudden I notice that the light has changed. Everyone's skin (including mine) seemed paler.

I asked my friend next to me if she noticed that the light has changed. She said "no" and kind of laughed. Then I asked "well doesn't everyone seem kind of paler?"She said no again.

So I just let it go. But not even 30 seconds later I see the outlines of not just objects, but even everyone around me. They're the same pale yellow, and pale purple bluish lines again. Some of them I saw like a pale green.

So I was wondering, does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just crazy? Because anyone I ask they say they don't see anything.

Thank you for your time.

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keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
What first came to my mind is that you are seeing the aura of different objects. My second initial thought is that your eyes are extra sensitive to energy/aura shifts and changes in a room.

Anyways, this is normal and many people are able to see auras of objects and are sensitive to the energy changing/shifting around them.

You seem to be intune with what goes on around you so it make sense that you'd pick up on any changes around you that most people either choose to ignore or are just completely unaware of the energy changes happening around them.

Here is a link about aura colors in case you're interested in learning more about them if you aren't already familiar with them:
Egmuch1 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
[at] TheSage I am going to try my best to describe this. It's like the lines are glowing. They don't stay in one place, they glide very very slowly. They're the same exact shape and it has the features, for example: I'm looking at a painting I made in 7th grade that's hanging on the wall. The lights start off on the subject, but it glides off of it very slowly. In the offset, I can see not just the outline of the canvas, I see the shapes inside.
I hope that helped.
TheSage (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-19)
I have a rough description of what you say you are experience, I have an idea of what you're trying to describe but, I couldn't say for certain I am picturing what you're describing. With that said, I see odd colors / shapes and have noticed light shifts, not just light, all my senses seem to have suddenly immediately changed. Like sometimes it seems that no noise is loud enough, tv, music, etc, others too loud is easily achieved. This is exampled by my TV and computer and phone volume level, and how well my baby stays asleep! I've had all my senses change their, what I can only depict as their (their referring my senses) perception even when just sitting still. But I have also had it while driving and moving like I just went to another dimension. But I also do see lights and etc... Can you describe those better?

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