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I don't know what I feel makes sense or not but after much a consideration thought of posting it in this site. I believe I will get an answer to my situation. Since childhood I felt I m very much inclined to God and I used to feel I am someway have a spiritual connection. I am very emotional and people's sorrow or pain used to make me sad and make me cry. I could cry for no reason at all. As I had an unexplained gloominess inside me. Then once I grew up, I used to feel I am so much connected to God that my prayers can do any thing. I have real life examples that actually strengthened my belief. If I prayed with all my heart it used to happen.

With time, a terrible thing happened in my family. My sister was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and the point is the day she felt sick, the last night I was feeling restless and as I was sleeping I saw a shadow formed in the wall of a bald person and in spite of trying I was unable to get rid of it. Later she was diagnosed with brain cancer and doctors claimed that she cannot be saved. Me and my family tried every bit and prayed and she was finally cured. During this course I went through so much trauma and sorrow. I started feeling that I sense things before it actually happens and it left me worried and scared and traumatized. I tend to feel bad things beforehand.

From my life experiences I feel where ever I go. All the hidden issues creeps up and ultimately I struggle a lot to better the situations and finally situation gets better there and I leave to some other situations where the same cycles get repeated. This in my personal life or professional. My presence solved many issues but ultimately I tend to lose everything. This has left me pained upset and I have started recognizing the trend so much so that I am scared now. I don't know is it my imagination or what I have no idea. I feel I will always lose everything in life. What should I do? Is this normal?

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J9 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2017-06-15)
Hi Priaa,

I strongly recommend the book in the link below. It has helped me so much. Be Well.


Priaa (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2017-06-13)
Hey Burton... Thanks a lot for your inputs... I too have the same feelings... Suddenly I feel so happy for no reason... And then suddenly I feel depressed... I realised I feel peaceful when I am close to nature... I tend to avoid crowds... I visualize things I wish to see... But I never had any clarity about the same... I started feeling that my overly emotional being is something no one can handle and so I started avoiding people in a deeper sense... What scares me is my emotions and feelings are just too deep for anyone... I will surely try to meditate and see if I can improve...
Burton (1 posts)
4 years ago (2017-06-13)
Hello Priaa! I am an empath. I spent many years during my younger life not being able to understand all the emotions I was feeling when around some people, friends and family members. One moment I would feel happy and energetic but then suddenly feel depressed and tired when some people came around me. I instantly feel emotions that people near me are feeling. All these feelings and emotions caused me much pain and suffering, and also made me confused because I did not understand where it was all coming from. One day I stumbled on a web site that talked about empathic people and all the different ways we can be affected, depending on our sensitivity to other people's emotions.

It is really good that you sense you may be empathic. The best thing you can do is learn all about it. There is a lot of good information on the Internet that will help you, but be careful because there is also information that is misleading. Let your intuition tell you what to believe or not believe. Once you understand what type of Empath you may be, then you will feel a lot better because you will know why you are feeling things around some people, and you can tell yourself that you are feeling emotions from others, and can just let go of them if you want. Understanding that you are an Empath brings much relief and freedom!

Meditate and go inside. This will help you understand all the feelings and emotions, and where they come from. I do this often to release all the emotions I manage to accumulate during the day - they are not my emotions so I let them go!

I wish you well in your learning about Empath's.

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