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Unknown Being Saying No


My story is quiet scary in the way that it's after effect have stayed with me for one year now, it was in a dream that I experienced this but it was much more than a dream as I will explain. It was a usual night in my old apartment with my girlfriend, I was dreaming of being in an aqua park or something when I needed to go to the rest room, I then found myself in my old bed room in my parents' house, everything was fairly standard until then, as I was looking around the room a blanket was picked up by an invisible force and was dangling in mid air. It was then that I experienced a lucid dream but it felt wrong like something was invading my dream space, I have had lucid dreams many times before and this one was different in a Chilling was. Anyways I began to dance with the blanket to show my lack of fear at the unknown presence, weird thing to do I know but it made me feel safe. I then was overwhelmed with the sense of reality of the dream like nothing experienced before, I remembered some old film about how invoking the name of Jesus would rid a evil presence form an area and being terrified and unable to wake I proceeded to do so. I must have shouted several times at the hovering blanket "in the name of Jesus who are you". Unfortunately nothing happened until a voice shouted NO in a very loud voice, this voice that said NO sounded like it was outside of my dream, even outside our world of comprehension. I was immediately woken up a terrified like I've never been before, my lucid dream had been taken to something more than lucid. The voice is unknown to me but I would like to think it was the voice of god and my pleas for Jesus actually got a response, and it was as if the voice didn't think I really needed help at that time so said no. This is my story that I would like to hear any ones opinion on. And let me also say that this was not a silly dream. Neil

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