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My Weird Childhood And Ringing Ears


So all of the weird stuff started happening when I moved to Florida too my new house.

I was 6 years-old at the time but now I am in high school now. So I was about to start school soon I was kind of happy cause I did not like the old school I went too in Florida I stuck out a lot in that school and never really made any friends but my sister fit in just fine. But this time my school was be hide my house so all I had to do was walk. Now you see when I come home from school I am alone in the house for 2 hours until my sister gets home since she is was in middle school now. And while I was alone in the house I would just sit on my couch and look out the window. Since we had no cable yet.

How my house is set up my dad's room is right by the living room where I am at. I would start noticing my parents room wall that I would hear scratches and the door would rattle really hard. My heart would beat fast but then like everything else I ignored it until one day I had enough it was a week now. Usually I would just say stop at whatever was doing it but this time I walked all the way to the room and slammed my dad's door opened and said STOP IT NOW! I AM NOT PLAYING. But then I looked around the room no one was there. Well after that day nothing ever happened until my ears started to ring. It was not a normal ring when someone says a person is talking about you.

No the ringing was the opposite it was talking to me, and it would tell me what's going to happen or just talk to me. One experience was the day my when I was sleeping in my dad's bedroom. (My room was not done yet but either way I did not like my room until this day). So my dad had the TV on the timer, but I was already awake since 4 A.M so I just day dreamed. Then my ears started to ring they told me the TV was going to turn on. So I woke up my dad and said the TV is going to turn on and right when I told him IT DID! He got a little scared and said "How did you know it was going to turn on " I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

My second experience is when my mom said we have to all look for the Peter Pan movie so we can return it to the library. We looked ever were around the house but could not find it so we went to sleep. I moved from my dad's room to my sister room to sleep since I was 8 at the time. I woke up really early around 6:30 a.m. I sat on the ground determined to find it. So as I sat on the ground I folded my legs breathing in and out slowly did not know what I was doing at the time though just came naturally. Then I asked my ears help me find the DVD please I need your help. Right when I did that my ears ringed so hard it hurt, but I just laughed.

It was in my sisters room I knew that cause when I would go near her walking closet or outside her room the ringing would go low and when I walk back it would go high. So I went to sit on the ground again and I put my head under her bed my ears were ringing big time now so I took everything from under the bed and came across a box. When I opened it the Peter Pan movie was right there. I waited to until my mom woke up. She was happy but she asked how I found it. This time I told the truth and said my ears told me. She Laughed and said yeah right I told her everything but she still did not believe my sister did not either, (but trust me my sister believes me now when I told her stories that happened believe it or not my sister experienced things too she has the power to tell the future also.) but still my mom does not believe me. After that I thought, I am weird and went to go cry in my room on the floor. I said to myself I won't talk to my ears again and I did but they still warned me about little things like when a demon or ghost is near sometimes they just warn me in a ring. Still they do not talking to me a lot like they use too and to tell you the truth I miss them.

They were always there for me but now they're going away makes me even more sad maybe I need to start meditating to get in touch with them... OH Thanks for reading this:) ! I love this website and I am finally old enough to write my own stories of what has happened to me but now I am scared to even hit the publish button!

Oh there is a continuation to this cause there is a lot more then my ears but It would be too long. If anyone has the same thing as me with ringing ears I would so be happy to hear. Thank you again!

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red_velvet (5 stories) (47 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-29)
my ears also ring sometimes 😊 i'm still not sure what it is or why it happens... But yeah like you every time that happen, somehow I feel like I know the meaning of it. Like those are information given to me... One day I was browsing's about someone with her guardian angels... When her guardian appears, her ears was also ringing... And somehow I think it's because of the frequency. We have different frequency with spirits. And just like a radio, if we don't tune in the right frequency, we will hear ringing...
Devonthedude (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-05)
When I was about ten years old or so, I was having a sleepover with a friend. It wasn't unusual for us to stay up until 2 or 3am. This time we were only awake until about 10 or 11pm when my father got annoyed from our noises and scolded us to turn out all the lights and turn the TV off. We then layed on opposing sides of the room, in the dark, in complete silence- probably out of fear of getting yelled at again! I would often get the high pitch ringing in my ear as a child, and even once in a while now- but it's very rare. As a child, I never told anyone about it- until that moment with my friend... A minute or so had passed since our scolding and then I heard the ringing! I asked him: "Do you hear that?", he answered: "What the ringing?"... I told him yes, and after that erie moment we never talked about it again.
I do believe that I do posess a sensitivity to others emotions and the occasional foresight. These "gifts" are not as predominant now that I am grown, yet I feel like they are still there. I almost knew as a child that this was unusual skills and they were supernatural, yet I could not define them... I am amazed to hear other's experiences. I have always been intrigued as to how we both heard it simultaneously.
The myth that states: this ringing is to cover the whispers... Could it have meant to cover a human's whisper? I thought that maybe my father was speaking ill of us and that ringing was delivered to intervene the further discomfort of his anger... Or possibly that our emotions had stirred us into a state of higher consciousness where we were in tuned to a spiritual realm...
monica600 (1 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-13)
JABC-- haha I never told anyone this either my room is in the living room too but after weird things started happening to me I stopped. I slept in my real room for a little bit but I felt scared in there so eventually switched to my sister's room now I feel better but when I am really tired I sleep in the living room. 😁 but I am going to start meditating too like you said you did, I hear it helps a lot. Now I wonder what the shadowy figure was 😲 maybe it has to do with what is giving you advice you think?
JABC (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-12)
I wouldn't hear a ringing noise. I would hear just the voice giving me advice but I haven't heard it in awhile. Now I just feel something rubbing the bottom of my feet. I was in my room, funny thing my room is the living room, anyways I was meditating and I saw a shadowy figure rubing my feet like it wanted me to focus more that way I can see, then it slowly went away.
monica600 (1 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-12)
THANKS everyone! For commenting love what all you said!

Psychicgirl18 I will contact you if I need help with anything thank you very much oh I also see the future in dreams too but I think yours is stronger in dreams then mines. I know what you mean about being frustrating including when you have a whole bunch of hormonal teenager around you it is not fun to be stuck for 8 hours with them It makes me just want to go home and stay in one corner but now that I am in high school and there are more kids I come home and got straight to sleep cause I feel so weak which causes me to get sick now my dad gets worried cause most of the time I miss dinner.: (

BlackOut- I know what you mean my family are doctor freaks but its manly because I was born with water in my lung which caused me to get Asthma at a very young age so when every I get sick my parents get really scared cause it could put me in the hospital. My doctors check me but they never say anything about wax ears or anything of the sort. But you went through a lot I see lol funny about the lost stuff helps when I loss my keys for school and need to get to my bus XD.

John888-I will look up what you say sound really cool and I would like to learn more about it thank you for giving me the name also. 😁
john888 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-12)
I to agree with Is! Voter re the sound current from my own experience. Listening to the sound current is widely taught by meditation Masters in India. There are at least 4 million people in India that practice this form of meditation - maybe many more. Most people at first hear a high pitched ringing sound which leads to other sounds and light and other planes of consciousness. People may hear the sounds of bells waterfalls crickets drums flutes etc. I have a book over 100 years old in which details of this practice are mentioned. This is a vast subject. You can put Sant Mat in a web browser if you want to learn more
BlackOut (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-12)
I have the same problem with ringing in my ears. They don't talk to me, but I get it A LOT. If you think it's medical, explain this to me. I have been to about 10 doctors in the past year. I've had an MRI done. I've gotten the wax cleaned out by a doctor. Out of 10 of those doctors, 5 were ENT's. You know what showed up on the MRI? Absolutely nothing wrong. No tumors or anything. My ears also have a tendency to randomly hurt, really badly for about 30 seconds. They don't talk to me though lol, though I wish they could tell me where my lost stuff is! I just have dreams with visions in them, that's all!
Psychicgirl18 (3 stories) (69 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-12)
Hello Monica600, I can predict the future as well, just not when my ears ring. Mine are threw feelings, except when I have my feelings they are strong like If I were nervous, I see what is suppose to happen, and If I focus enough on it I will hear things too, depending on what the event is.

I'm also an emapth as well, so I know how the emotions from others can be, overwelming, frustrating, and hard to deal with.

If you need help with any of it, just comment or send me an email, its on my profile. 😊
monica600 (1 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-11)
ohhh everyone the website says I am a young adult but really I am a teenager age 15 turning 16 soon sorry for the miss understanding: (but I am a very bubbly teenager who smiles a lot be cause I am also a Empathy so I pick up a lot of emotions and since I am in high school now there all over the place so I try my hardest to stay happy.
So I put a lot of smiles when I spoke too you all 😊 sorry if you do not like that though 😳 it must of been the date I put when I was making the account must of did something wrong.
monica600 (1 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-11)
Thank you everyone for you responses:)
I have read them and it made me think too IrishPsychicHecate and I will take what you said too don't worry I go to the doctor a lot to get my ears checked when I was young and since I could not swim at the that age I stayed away from water a lot but never baths so it could be when I take a bath and wash my hair.:D
IslVoter I love how you said you are open too possibilities made me happy too read.
Now Avon1 since I your response was so different from the others it made me smile so you felt it before cool. Like you say be brave really since I was young I was not scared if it happened now I would be scared XD I would love too hear if your talked too it ohh be careful too sometimes can be very dangerous I hear 😲 but thanks again everyone:)
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-11)

Guess you'll have to experience it before you believe it. There is physical ringing in the ears and there is spiritual.

Each of us has an innate Universal sound current--that high-pitched vibration you hear especially when you are quiet, sleepy.

Yes, Skeptic, you'll say this is the sound of bloodstream or some other poppycock. As I said, until you experience the difference--you may believe as you like.

I'd like this place to be open to possibilities.

Isle - Lora
IrishPsychicHecate (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-11)
Ringing of the ears is medical and not paranormal. Ringing of the ears can often happen when water or too much wax is in your ear. As well as ringing of the ears when this happen you can sometimes get muffled sounds and find it difficult to hear voices and sounds well.
Avon1 (26 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-11)
My hearing gets muffled, like the feeling of being underwater when there is a presence. This happened the other day when I was looking at something on the internet that interests me. The sensation was so strong that I actually looked up and thought 'what was that'. But this has given me the confidence to follow through with the thing I was checking out on line. I like what you say about 'talking to your ears'. Next time this happens to me I will try to be brave and 'talk' to mine! 😁

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