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Another Plane?


My name's Jade, I am 21 years old. I have been looking for a site like this for a while now, people to understand the experiences I am having.

I'll start from the beginning of when my first (psychic/paranormal (what you want to call it) started.

My nan passed away from breast cancer 6 years ago now, whilst she was alive she didn't mention to much of her psychic side but I knew she had seen a few things, she told me she saw her dog that had passed away and that her mum and nan had visited her whilst asleep.

Anyway it was a huge loss as you can imagine, I think 3/4 months after her passing I awoke to this flash of bright white light in my bedroom, I thought someone had a car crash outside! Or the street lamp was all funny, but no it was too bright, and certainly not coming from my wardrobe would it be of anything! I had started to worry as I could see a figure slowly walk through coming nearer to my sight. I realized it was my nan, and she bent down to where I was lying smiled and waved. I was so shocked! My heart was like the clappers, and I sat for an hour trying to get my head around it! But what an amazing experience, little did I know more was to come!

I then started to wake up hearing the sound of people talking! They were so loud, I thought it was my parents, so I got up to see that they were in bed! And the voices stopped, I got back into bed, shut my eyes and it started again, hmmm. I just ignored it the third time! And fell back asleep. But I know it was from outside, it was too clear.

What does happen often though is when I awake from a nights sleep I wake up in this other state, my spirit seems lighter, but I see spirits/people. I used to get so scared at first and hear horrible noises. But I think I have trained my mind to not be so silly, I can't fear anything! I remember feeling scared and what appeared to be an angel, being of peace grab my hand to pull me out of my state, she had a peaceful face. I also had a monk quite close to me speaking in another language, again I don't recall the conversation, I remember being uncertain, but then he put me at ease.

And recently a little girl, a distressed cry coming up to me, and it still brings tears to my eyes, like I really wanted to help her, sometimes they do not speak and its frustrating, I remember touching her hand it was ice cold! I felt I had to comfort her, I just awoke soon after. I still wonder what happened to her.

Also, a few years back I had trouble with my hip! My right side was playing up and was awful. A clicking sensation every time I walked, and it hurt doing certain exercise, months and years down the hospital and nothing. Again in that waking state, I awoke to this force pulling something out from my back lower back, from where my hip is, I did not see anyone, it did not hurt but you could tell something was definitely being pulled from myself! And too this day 3/4 years later I have no trouble with my hip whatsoever!

Again a few days ago now, I had terrible acid, and pains in my stomach and windpipe. I was crouched up most days, beside myself as I had never had anything like it! Nothing worked. I awoke again to fuzzing and tingling down my back, and I had this comfort as I knew what was happening. I heard this angelic voice, whilst being pulled to my side slightly, I can't remember again what she said. But since that moment, nothing! The pain has completely gone. Maybe I pick up peoples pain and my spirit guides or the ones looking after me help me in my distress! It's nice to know I have my psychic doctors on hand! It brings so much comfort to know I am not alone, there's someone always looking after you!

I thought I would share this with you, feel free to comment. Who knows I might be back with other stories to share.

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