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Indigo, Crystal, Normal Or Just Weird?


Greetings everyone! So, I wanted to ask someone this ''kind''. I am not sure what I am, the thing is I match a lot of characteristics for indigo or crystal but I still don't really know. Since I analyze literally EVERYTHING I have been analyzing myself as well. So I guess after a while I realized that I understand almost everything about myself except that ''one part''. And that one part was the weird part. It's very difficult for me to explain this (sorry about my English by the way). Since I was very young, I was so passionate about nature. I talked to animals and could spend hours just sitting in the garden or by the lake thinking. I felt so amazing in the nature and it hasn't changed. If I could, I would just become part of the trees, the waters and the air. My biggest fantasies from childhood and right know always were and are being at a beautiful harmony place in nature. I was fascinated with the ocean and my biggest dream was beaing in a beautiful turquoise lagoon where I can dive and search for minerals and stones haha. I was fascinated with crystals always crystals and minerals. One more odd thing about me is the passion for people. I mean, in a way when I like someone or am in love, I just want to hugs the and I want them to hold me (I feel the love right now writing this haha x).I really like helping people. I honestly feel joy when I can help someone, but I feel that people don't understand that, like, even on omegle or chatroulette (I go there when I'm bored) when I see that someone is unhappy I do everything for them to realize that they are beautiful and have a place on this earth. I have social anxiety and depression so I am considered as quiet and sometimes weird (because I don't stand up for myself) so I don't like the people in my school because they are so ridiculously immature and shallow sometimes. I have been tested for intelligence (because I suffer from eating disorder and, I believe that all these problems came when I moved from my beautiful childhood to another country where people are different and even rude) and my results were very high-over-average intelligence and my maturity was over eighteen when I was thirteen. I am very empathic and when I was at hospital because anorexia the doctor asked me for suggestions about the work of the clinic, I was very thrilled. My mom says I have always been special because I was advanced as a baby and young child. I remember very early childhood (from under a year of age). I am 16 btw. I feel that absolutely no one can really understand me except my mom and an old healing therapist. When I decide to tell my opinion in school even the teacher looks at me like I'm a weirdo or an idiot (because I stand up against their stupidity (not all of them, but most of them think they can say and do whatever they want because they are teachers). My mom is pretty intuitive and emotional. I can talk to her about deep things (we do that a lot haha, she is my best friend). I have blue eyes with a dark ring around the blue and a little yellow around the pupil, people very often notice that and say they are beautiful. When I was younger I wanted to become a none lol, and I remember that I was amazed by the Asian culture because of their spirituality. So, that would be most of my unique characteristics BUT, there are the ones that are NOT. I believe that I am not really indigo because I believe that they are more intense in the being different thing then me. I don't see any auras and am not really intuitive, but I am very sensitive and emotional. I like parties but some ambients and colors make me anxious and make me even panic (that is one thing that the therapist at the hospital found very interesting, I still don't know where it comes from) .My mom is pretty intuitive but skeptical, I also remember that one night after I was shaking and hysterically crying (my dad is an alcoholic) my mom came to my room, didn't say a word and just held me for a few moments. I calmed down right away and felt her love, and I know it wasn't placebo. She also had a out of body experience and saw a demon or something. And I also remember being fascinated by astronomy and just looking at the stars. I have never seen any ghosts or paranormal, my dreams sometimes come true, but that's all. However, PLEASE remember that all of the above may sound a lot more special then it is. My aura colors are sensitive tan, crystal, indigo (in that order) as primary, secondary and thirdaly colors. I am not a hundred percent positive about the colors because I took a 98 question test written by some spiritual psychologist or something, and all of the three got the same points except 1 or 2 of difference between the tan and crystal (which was the same as indigo). I thought that maybe you can be partially crystal or indigo (like half indigo, half ''normal'') haha. I am so sorry if this was too long, but I hope someone could clear it up for me! Thank you so much in advance!<3

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hiral (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-01)
Hello to you,
My name is Hiral. I am 55 years old "lightworker" from India.
How so very brave of you to tell us your story... The good AND the not so good. I have to tell you little one, that it does not matter if you consider yourself as Indigo or someone else calls you a crystal... Or another says you are a rainbow!, None of these can or should, put you into a catagory!
Would it be enough for you to know that you are so very special?
You are unique!
You asked if you were normal!
What's normal?...and, according to whom?
My feeling is that you are not going to let this question go. Am I right? So. Let's get this out of the way... That way you can go on to things of a greater nature...
From what I understand through reading books and, researching for a while about other children just like yourself that you probably are a crystal.
You are remarkable because the task you have come to perform upon this earth is remarkable and you possess those remarkable qualities or gifts that are going to assist you in your life... To help uplift humanity.
So be patient... And above all BE KIND!
When people do not understand something they usually tend to be afraid... And with fear comes anger... So when youknow this you uwill know that what your peers at school need is Kindness from you... Even if they are mean... Do not let their fear become your weakness!
You must take great care of your body with this your psyche too shall flourish.
Enough said for now!
Be well!
PS. You can write to me at hiramar [at]
If you would like to speak in person here is my number (218) 237-8813
coldplayem5 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-09)
alterseastride:i am artistic, I love music and writting and every other form of art! You can send me an e-mail if you want:) i'm just glad I found people I can relate to and talk to! <3
alterseastride (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-09)
lol same here ^_^. Only problem is the immaturity right? They act as if they are kings and don't even consider other peoples toughts and emotions.
I'm an indigo child. I'm not proud or ashamed but, I don't like being called that way.
Oh and my psychiatrist made me take the same test. I had 99. 9 percentile in mathematics and 90 was my overall score (because of french)
Are you artistic?
I am but only in music and writing.
I sing and write.
Psychicgirl18 (3 stories) (69 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-07)
Hello, I agree with Madara, those tests lie.

I just took them to see what they say, and If you know a person who can see auras, you should ask them.

I'm a psychic medium, as well as an empath, so I know what your talking about being emotional and sensative, I can see the human aura, and I could feel your emotions while I read your story, feel free to email me If you have any questions, email is on my profile.
Madara (guest)
10 years ago (2012-08-07)
Hi, first of you should never believe those online tests. The only way to see what color is your aura is by looking at it. I can teach you if you want, my mail is nikito997 [at]
I'm an indigo but I aslo love to help people in any way I can. My life was just like yours. At school when I say what I think every one turns their head at me and the teacher's like "what?". My dad was an alcholic too, and my mom and I mooved to another country. Are you really from Croatia? If so I know what you mean by wanting to be a part of nature. I also love Asian culture, from the chakra developing in India to Chinise kung fu.

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