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I Can Hear Some Spirits' Saying


I can hear other person or spirit's saying, and I feel I can do telepathy.

But I can't hear telepathy correctly about people I want to telepathize with me.

It is my limit, and that is I can hear only some spirits' saying.

In my ordinary life, I suppress hearing other spirits' saying, but I really want to telepathize to other person that I feel I love.

I can't hear opposite's voice when I try to telepathizing as response and just can I feel her mind in instinctive.

I didn't check if anyone did hear my telepathy yet.

So I don't know how my telepathy skill is good.

It is apparent thing that I can hear other spirit's saying, and they are telling me "If you think anything, it will come true in the future"

If anyone have an idea or advice for me, email to me -

Additionally, I introduce my episode about spirit experience

I've met with Jessica Alba in real life. Place is Santa Monica in LA at Sep, 2010

Weird thing is before I met her as fan, I've talked with her or her guadian as telepathy.

When I met her, she talked to me "sign?" but I didn't have a paper and pen.

Anyway key point is I did know that I would meet to Jessica Alba in real life before I met her

And Once, I've got punished by spirits when I made bad problem in my real life.

They discussed about killing me or not all the time. And In deed I felt physically pain intensively.

But finally they forgave me and todays they help me because I pray to god often as catholic.

Ah, I can feel electric shock slightly when they are watching and trying to send a message to me.

Especially when they want to joke at me or laugh at me or love to me.

Electric shock degree always differs by situation.

And I can feel shock degree means love or punishment about my behavior.

Sorry, 1more. Spirits, they often say to each other like this "Because of the guy (me), we have been doing a lot things"

And strangefully in the world something I hoped before changes. Example) product, company, store, library, people etc

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ale0504 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-02)
You're treading dangerous water with these spirits. Please seek someone's help ASAP. Another psychic perhaps?...a priest? Someone for help and support while you try to remove these spirirts. Remember, demons and dark beings often take the guise of good or familiar figures to trick us into trusting them. Good beings wouldn't try to kill you. Life is too precious. Get help!
CrescentEye (4 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-29)
Ok hold on, I'm pretty sure that 'good beings,' will not try to kill you if you don't do their bidding. It sounds like these spirits are trying to force you into things and threatening if you dont. With telepathy, it just takes lots of practice and I'm going through the same with it. What you need to do is communicate to these 'spirits,'that you want them to leave and stop making you suffer. Most of all, becareful and avoid negative energy.
May Peace and White Light be with you.

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