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Out Of Body Experience?


When I was 14 (I'm now 20) I kissed a girl on a local beach (not my first kiss) and as soon as our lips touched it felt like my "soul" or "concienceness" left my body and was floating slightly to the side of the 2 of us quite high in the air (approx 6 ft and without a body) and I was actually looking at my own self watching us kiss and it stopped as soon as we stopped kissing and when I came back I had trouble remembering what had happened for the past 5 minutes but bits of it came back up to about 10 - 20 minutes later

I know it WASN'T a dream because it was early in the night and she ended up staying at my house and left early the next morning so that much I do know

I know there are very very RARE occasions when people have had such experiences I have also read that people that have had these occasions have seen human figures in white with no faces, etc but I didn't see anything like that except 1 human figue that was kind of old that was dressed in a black trench coat hiding behind the bushes and then walked away 30 seconds before I came back and when I realised what had happened he was gone

I havnt really thought about it until now because I have been experiencing other things

So here are my questions

Could it be a figment of imagination?

What could invoke such a thing?

What could be the purpose?

Could the man in black be some sign or just another perverted old man?

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Puzzledclue (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-05)
Hey Opensesame

I have had the same experience you just described, when I was 18yrs I kissed my then boyfriend and just as our lips touched I felt us float from our bodies and we were holding hand above our kissing bodies and I could swear I saw the moon, and other planets kinder, then when I focused on us I gain I was back in my body. Now I have never felt this with anyone, we are not together anymore but I would like to know what it meant, was he the one?
valentinebaby (2 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-08)
I know about the guy in the BLACK TRENCH COAT, and Dick Tracy type Hat. You see, this same presence watched me sleep for the entire years of my 20s. While being Married, husband and 3 kids too. I lived in Idaho at the time. Almost every evening I could feel this Dark Shawdow figure, watching me sleep. I was so sure by the feeling, that Every single time Id open up my eyes to try to proove the feeling wrong? Id SCREAM OUTLOUD because He always let me see him, until my screams must have scared the presence away too. Just ask my last husband and my 3 kids. It didn't feel dangerous to me, I just would always scream because It was always, really there. However, in the next room, My oldest son at the time, he was 10, he would always wake up SCREAMING, because he got the same FEELINGS of someone in his room watching him sleep too. But he swears he ALWAYS SAW THE DEVIL. So back then in the 1980's you could drive past my house late in the evening and Definetly Hear Alot of Screaming. Funny how they always wear BLACK TRENCH COATS. All I can think of is at the time we has a friendly shadow and also had a dangerous shadow in my house all at the SAME TIME. Have you had any more incidents yourself? May I ask? Winter_Solace?
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-27)
Lol, I couldn't tell you if it was a perverted old man or not. However, I can tell you what you experienced could very well be real. And the other things you claim to be experiencing led you to remember this. I can't quite say what it is that's causing you to activate such abilities or what the purpose is. Perhaps we (the members) can help you if you help us with more details on what you are experiencing now to give you ideas to answer your questions. I don't believe this is a "figment" of imagination, since there is more to the imagination than what others you know will tell you. Imagination isn't quite something you can box in so easily. It could be that reality is perceived by your imagination. It's up to you. Just keep in mind that next time, when someone or even yourself says that it's just your imagination, perhaps you may want to question it further. Good luck. Take care and much love.

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