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Situations I Have No Explanation For?


Recently it was brought to my attention by a few friends and family members that the gut feelings I get may be something "unique". I wasn't sure where to look or how to research it as I barely know if what I would consider ESP to actually be ESP. I figured I would explain a few scenarios to get a gauge from those who have more wisdom than myself on the topic.

I have taken a few online tests. The first test used Zener Cards. The current average at the time was 24.3% for 250 attempts, while the chance of guessing the correct symbol was 25%. My results were 41.67%. It was weird because I immediately knew that the first card would be a square, but from there it wasn't as easy. Doing the ESP test on this website, I scored an 88/100.

For as long as I can remember I have had "gut feelings" about certain situations, and I always know what type of mood my very close family/friends are in. There are several times where I think of someone and within a few days I hear from them or about them in some way. I've also randomly decided to text someone and they will respond saying they had just talked/thought of me and how coincidental it is. I most definitely get overwhelmed in other people's emotions. With my SO especially, the second he is upset and I am equally upset and I am unsure why. Around my mom if she is hurt, I am hurt for her, I feel the physical pain. There are times that I will zone out and I feel myself become another and it seems as if I'm walking in their shoes. Per example, the other day I was driving and the car in front of me was frustratingly slow I felt so much anger, but then I paused and felt this sudden sadness for this individual and that I wanted to tell them it will be okay. I have no idea who this person was or why I felt so strongly. There are times where I feel strongly about a situation and it usually turns in favor of how I felt. With an ex of mine there was a night where I stayed in and he went out a few hours later I had a horrible gut wrenching pain in my heart. It felt as if I was stabbed in the chest, I called him immediately and demanded to know if he was cheating on me. I had no prior knowledge of any cheating, I didn't think he was a cheater but he admitted it on the spot. At times I will listen to a brand new song that I have never heard and I already know the lyrics, I have never found an explanation of this but it is freaky. I find myself having more and more of these experiences and it is getting harder and harder to explain as just a coincidence.

What really pushed me over the edge to seek guidance was a dream that came true two days later. I am still freaked out by this, as this was only a few days ago. I had a dream that a white small car had gotten into a wreck with another car, the white car rear ended the other car and caused extensive damage. It was hazy as to where it was, it seemed like it was a back road maybe, somewhere with little traffic. I mentioned to my mom just to be careful driving because I was spooked by the dream (neither of us have white cars)...Two days later my mom calls me to tell me her best friend's daughter got into an accident in her work's parking lot, she drives a white small car and rear ended another causing extensive damage. It was so weird to me that exactly what I saw happened.

That is all I can really think to type right now, I am sure I have so many more examples, but of course they are not coming to mind at the moment. I'm just curious if this is something I should really look into and if so how and where do I begin? What exactly would this be called? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

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rindelanoche (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-29)
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