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Explanation Of Subtle Vibrations On Your Hands


Finally the day has arrived.

I bring all of you good news. How many of us had been asking what is this vibration/tingling, bouncy, hot, warm and cold sensation we feel in our hands.

I've done the research for you through my own experiences and experiments. It's up to you what you want to call - your hands' 6th sense or hands chakra because actually every one of our physical senses has its own metaphysical sense. We have 5 physical senses and 5 metaphysical senses (but undiscovered). Metaphysical senses are just where its original physical senses supposed to be.

For now I will discuss about our metaphysical hands. This is the subtle hands you received from God.


1. As an alarm when there is a presence of spirit.

2. To measure the strength of spirit/occult object.

3. To translocate spirit.

#1:As an alarm when there is a presence of spirit

When you feel nothing and suddenly your hands start to vibrate subtly that means there is a spirit or can be occult object nearby.

#2:To measure the strength of spirit or occult object

The vibration will vary from the energy of different spirit or occult object. If their energy is very strong, you hands can vibrate like crazy. Mainly bad spirits or naughty spirits have strong energy which able to make your hand vibrates so strong and even can be felt by other human. Unlike good spirits they make subtle vibration.

If you want to feel their energy, simple - just turn on your metaphysical hands. Send your energy to direction where you think there might be. Wait and feel the bounce back energy. And you will feel it in your hands. For me it's immediately felt within microseconds (this is what I do every day).

#3:To translocate spirit

Translocating a spirit can be done by asking permission from God. Usually a spirit is trapped inside a house or building because there is invisible barrier that bounce them off when they touch it and they can't get out so with your great heart you offer them translocation to another place where they should live. Don't worry they understand your native language even though not every of them does.

Just speak like you would normally speak to your human friend. If you can hear them or see them that's great! So that you can know whether they want to be moved or not. If you can't see or hear but just sense them like me. Then say to them "If you would like to move to another place then get into my hand but if you don't want to you can stay here".

If you feel that the spirit is getting into your hand, now clench your hand. You might feel strong vibration or hot or warm invisible gas-like in your hand. Go outdoor and pray for this spirit "I pray for you by the permission from God you will be given freedom of where you want to live". Open your hand and let them go by themselves.

Note: Spirit is not a dead person's soul. Spirit is also alive being like human but their true form is invisible by human eye. Only people who have permission from God can ever see the real form of spirit. Ghost, mists, lights are just their 2nd form because they have to shift dimension to human realm to be able to be seen by human as physical being.

Dead person's soul does not belong anymore to earth. When people died their soul is just shifting dimension to where it supposed to be (in the afterlife). If you hear a spirit say that he/she is a casualty then they are lying and testing your knowledge.

Don't worry they are pretty much similar like human. They can lie or honest, good or bad, smart or stupid, strong or weak, feel love or hate, have children. But they just eat smells, able to change to many forms, age up to 10,000+ years and have real magic abilities (which given by God and give headache to scientists if trying to logically explain it).

And the only eye catching message from a very old spirit: "This world is already too old. Just need to wait for the doomsday".

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Ketaklak (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-01)
I have the exact same thing you describe. Although what really disturbs me, is the fact that I keep this weird slime like feeling in my right hand after touching a spirit or feeling the area around me. Sometimes I get the feeling I could lose control over my hand if I lower my barriers.
Mizzi (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-24)
Doomsday? When? Can you explain the balls of light kind of going in a circle from my one hand to the other when I meditate? P.s. Please take a look at my other questions!
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-23)
Can you also explain the other 4 metaphysical senses? I have to tell you... I kept having these flashes of white light (some were spirals) out of the corner of my eye, drove me nuts. One day I sort of "commanded" one to slow down so I could see what it was and I was shown a 5 pointed star (interconnecting) with a circle around it and a tail on it (it was white misty like a ghost). I was told in my head that the 5 points of the star represent the 5 human senses, the circle around the star is the spirit or 6th sense and the tail leads to the 7th sense which is where I am now (that's what I was told). Any insight? I am curious about the other metaphysical senses. I also have synesthsia which is a form of cross wiring of the senses - 2 senses at once ie. Sight and colour. I also was visited by a light being in a meditation - he was in the shape of a cylindar and emitted bright white light (not human form at all) but very nice:) explained the way things work to me re vibrations, we are all one, all connected, various levels of energy or frequencies... Also told me there is no time and space and also told me we can communicate with aliens... (shocked me, the no time and space thing and the aliens). THOUGHTS? Your insight would be so appreciated as you seem to know a lot about these things...
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-23)
Wow! This is VERY interesting! I have noticed this the last few months, my right hand will gently vibrate sometimes and what is freaky is that it vibrates in a specific "pattern" ie. Long vibration, then stop, then maybe 3 short vibrations then stop and then repeats the sequence over and over. I felt like something was trying to contact me and wondered if it was spirit related as I have within the last few months had a miriad of psychic experiences, literally one day after the next non stop barage of it. But the vibrations in the hand were a question mark to me... Thanks so much! Do you have any idea why it's in a sequence like that? Is that normal?
peaceful (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-18)
wow, thank u! I have many spirits around me and my hands to viberate. But I feel people astral here also and I think they viberate also!

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