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I have two unique abilities that I know so far, I get premonitions and also I can feel other people's emotions and can also feel energy from others and feel energy from ghosts/spirits. When I was young colors and emotions always fascinated me at the time and whenever I went to fairs I would see these mood rings with a color chart that has certain colors that symbolizes that emotion like anger is a red color and sadness is a blue color. Then one day I had a thought that crossed my mind and started to think if it could be possible to feel other people's emotions. Then I started to pay attentions to conversations and arguments from other people, viewing other peoples conversations I started to notice that I could feel energy from that persons emotion that there expressing. When a person gets angry I'd feel a lot of intense negative energy and compared to when a person is sad I would feel a low negative energy and feeling them kind of energies makes me feel the same way that person is feeling.

Being very interested in other people's emotions I have wondered if I could sense all the different kinds of emotions from other people, so then I have gotten together with several good friends of mine to test out my theory if it could be possible for me to feel all the different kinds of emotions from other people. I have made out a little chart on a piece of paper and made three categories which is happiness, sadness and anger and then thought of other emotions to put into one of the three categories like put worry in with sadness and frustrations in with anger and cheerful in with happiness and also a lot of other emotions I added to the categories. From each friend I looked directly into their eyes without them saying a word and I wrote down a percent number near the emotions that that they have, showing the emotions that they show the least compared to the emotions they show the most. After feeling my friends emotions I showed them their charts and they were completely impressed by how accurate I was, they were also impressed when they compared one another's emotions seeing how different their emotions are. I have also tested this with a psychologist as well and he was also impressed and had told me about being a para-psychologist.

I personally think that anyone can have this ability as well it's just something that takes a lot of effort and practice and a lot of thought.

The biggest experience I had with feeling emotion and energy from people was A few days ago outside of my apartment there was a young kid that gotten hit by a car and I decided to go outside to see what exactly happened I seen a lot of people standing outside and standing around the kid and I felt this strong energy around me and it was so tense and I gotten to a point where it gotten hard for me to breathe. A few hours later after the incident when everyone was gone and the kid was rushed to the hospital, I have decided to go for a walk around a nearby lake when I walked by the area that the kid was hit I still felt some of that energy around but it wasn't as tense then when I came back from my walk that energy was completely gone. Has anyone ever experienced that type of energy from an accident?

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Snydead4576 (2 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Thanks that is a really helpfull idea when it comes to help others that may really help me with having some control over the emotions that overwhelm me. With the Abilities that I have I only known so little about it and had only made my own theories about it even when discovering these abilities at such a young age.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Syndead4576 if after collecting the energy from
Friends. May I suggest: visualize the energy leaving
You. You can imagine/visualize/sense the energy
Going upward and being recycled by love/peace.
You can do this upward or downward.

Then by clearing your own energy, you can rebalance
And then fill it.

Please bear in mind that when you are availing yourself to this work you can become an unconsious
Recepient, such as a depression, or headache out of no wear. In these instances you can kindly say, "if this is not me I release this.

You may wish to study healing. As it makes a lot of sense and can go into a deeper level.
In reference to people predispositions to genetic make up, generational sins which comes down from the
Family line:such as a pre disposition to depression,
Or family hatred, or certain types of programed thinking.

Just something to think about!
Snydead4576 (2 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
After I came to know my ability of feeling emotions and energy from others, not to long after I have used my ability to help friends and other people who were depressed. I have helped many online friends aswell just by simply reading the words they use. With this ability I helped over 50 friends from depression, 10 friends with thoughts of death and 4 people from hurting themselves. A lot of times though feeling emotions from other people really does overwhelm me a lot especially when there depressed, when my friends are depressed I get depressed, but I guess that by feeling that way is probably a big key to use in order to help that person just by simply thinking of the things that would make me happy to possibly help them feel happy. Even showing the slightest amount of care can go a long way to help a person become happy and sometimes might change their life, just like how my life changed.

That book does seem interesting to read I'll have to check it out.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
As humans we can experience energy from people and
Even before an accident or death occure as well as when it transpires.
This has been my experience, sensing it, feeling it
Which can reflect is feelings of being over whelmed,
In other instances feeling spikes come directly off
Of an individual by me whom is under stress.

In part when humans interact there is an exchange of

Please be aware that an Empathy automatically be
Sensative to feelings.
I have to say as an Empathy myself: I do not wish to
Be open to read or pic-up information on a 24/24 basis.
I believe it is better to read periodically and doing
So with an eye of objectivity and shielding.

The feeling you described of having difficulty
Breathing is due to feeling over whelmed.
May I point out that at that particular
Moment you were picking up information from the heart.
With the heart chakra when it is affected it takes
A little longer to close. Bear in mind that the heart
Is used to being a receiver to pic up information
And if open too much it can get stuck!

This gives various descriptions of how the aura looks, but also
Describes how it feels
A very good book I have found is by
Judith Collins

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