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Most of my life from the age of 8 I had my first Premonition which was in a dream. In the dream my older sister was making breakfast (which was something she has never done before) She had made pancakes for breakfast in the dream and when I woke up she was making breakfast her first time and was the same breakfast in my dream. Later I have been getting more premonitions either in dreams or while I'm awake. Most of the premonitions though that I had while growing up had dealt with bad things such as a tornado coming through town or about my family members getting hurt. Sometimes I would get premonitions about how a baby would look like before they were born.

One of the big premonitions that I gotten was in school, I was writing a story about myself about events that have happened in my life. When I was getting close to the end of the story I was writing I decided to make something up, in the story I wrote about coming home from school and my mom was at home waiting for me and right away when I came in through the door and she right away tells me about us having to leave right away cause my Grandma was outside walking their dog and she fell down the hill at their apartment and broke her leg from the rocks at the bottom of the hill. I stopped writing at that point not knowing what else to write down. Then soon school was over and I got back home and my mom was waiting for me and she had told me that my grandpa was outside of the apartment walking their dog and fell down the hill and broke his leg on the rocks at the bottom of the hill. I was a bit shocked to hear that especially being the same day I wrote that certain part in my own story. Even though in the story it was my grandma that fell down the hill but in reality it was my grandpa, I was very shocked when I heard that from my mom.

Another big premonition I had was in a dream. I had a dream about This tornado going through a park in the town that I live at and a lot of people from town were in the ditches around the park laying on their back looking up at the tornado, and Two people had died from the debris from tornado. After waking up from the dream several hours later there was an f5 tornado coming though town and had destroyed many houses and had killed two people. I have guessed that the people from my dream that were laying down in the ditch were probably the people that have lost their homes and the people that died in my dream were probably the same two people that died in reality.

The last big premonition I had happened last year. This premonition I had was also from a dream I had, there were random events that happened in the dream which didn't really make any sense to me until it actually happened in reality. In the dream my bed was at a certain angle from the wall being diagonal from the corner and in the room it had became very cold and I have looked at the tv that was in the room and there was a trailer from a certain new movie that came out which was the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. And just before I gotten out of bed my glasses broke and then I woke up. I never have mentioned anything about the dream to anyone because at first I thought the dream was just a normal weird dream. About a month later I kept thinking about my dream and decided to tell my mom about it to see if any of those events made any sense to her and she told me about my grandparents lost their heat in the house and it became very cold through the whole house. I then asked my mom if my grandmas bed was a certain age out of curiosity and she said that it was which really concerned me and then I had this bad feeling that something was going to happen. I then looked online for a new Nightmare on Elmstreet movie to see if it would really come out and as soon as I typed it in to search on google, there it was and it would be in theaters soon. Out of concern I called up my grandma and told her not to watch the trailer of that movie when it airs on tv but she didn't believe it at all. About another month later the trailer on tv appeared of that movie and I called up my grandma and asked her if she saw the trailer and she said that she did and I told her to be very careful this week in case if anything bad happens and I made her promise me that she'd be careful and she did. During that week my grandparents wore their seatbelts for the first time and being the first time wearing their seatbelts they gotten into a car accident, they had no injuries at all but the car was completely damaged the front of the car was pushed in all the way and amazingly they survived. This was the first premonition I had being able to help others.

I get a lot of other premonitions but only wanted to mention only them few big premonitions I had. Thanks for reading.

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