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Marijuana Connections To Developing Heightening Abilities


I do want to start off by saying that I am in no way advocating or promoting the use of drugs. I do smoke Marijuana sometimes once in a while about once a month or so and that's as far as it goes, I don't use any other drugs except that.

That being said; I am an empath and I'm in the midst of discovering my other abilities. So far my abilities are Empathic with a slight of electrokensis I'm sure I have more I don't know. Anyway, in the past when I have smoked marijuana I noticed that my abilities are heightened. Normally, I can give energy instead of taking it. Only when I really concentrate hard is when I can take energy from other people but I choose not to since I prefer to give energy to those who need it. So when I'm high, I can take energy and more in tune with empath abilities, I don't smoke on purpose to enhance them it just happens. Anyway, last friday something strange happened.

So last Friday, I smoked some marijuana before I took a long bus ride up north and my friend smoked as well with me. So before we smoked we did grab 2 quick small drinks at the local bar then went to smoke. Now it's very possible that the marijuana was laced as well, so this is where the story and outcome can go 50/50. When I was walking through the streets I felt like I could take people's energy as I passed by them. I finally got to my bus station and was waiting around a bunch of people. 30 minutes after I smoked and was waiting on the line I felt like I was taking everyone's energy simultaneously. I wear an Angel Aura Quartz and when I closed my eyes I felt everyone's energy passing through my and through the crystal. After I took their energy is when I fainted/passed out and started to have a mini seizure. I collapsed on the floor twice, had a small black out and my upper body started spazzing a bit. I was fine after a few seconds and a few people helped me out. It only lasted 30-60 seconds and I was fine afterwards. However, for the rest of the night I had an effect on electronics where they were kind of Spazzy when I touched them. Especially touch screen I thought they were broken but when I touched the electronics again the next day they were fine.

Again this is where the story can go 50/50, it may have been an effect for combining drinking and smoking and the marijuana may have been laced. However, I checked in on my friends who did the same thing, smoked the same herb I smoked since we shared it, and drank with me but they were fine. So that's why I think it may also be possible because I was taking everyone's energy.

I want to know if anyone knows if there is a connection with marijuana or any drug use and enhancements of abilities or if its possible this can happen to people while consuming energy or developing abilities.

Once again I can also take responsibility and know its possible because of the way I mixed it but I need to cover all bases. Like I said in the past when I smoked I feel like my abilities are heightened and stronger.

I'm NOT condoning the use of drugs or encouraging people to do so. I only smoke marijuana and drink once in a while and that's as far as I go. It doesn't explain what I did in terms of gathering everyone's energy at once. I've been developing my abilities more and more over the last few years and I'm just trying to find out my limits on how far I can go and when I need to take it easy.

Thank you for your time my friends.

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BenJames (1 posts)
2 years ago (2020-10-14)
I keep hearing that weed helps to open your 7th chakra and hash helps open your 8th. I have had recent experiences where I have sensed things across the world and have slowly come to get in touch with my emotions and allow them to guide me to the truth. I would describe using weed to access your psychic abilities as feeling around in the darkness and if you can learn to control them while sober as a whole different ball game, but at the same time the abilities won't be as sensitive. Recently while walking home after smoking an extremely high grade J I stared a man in the eyes for 2 seconds and ended up reading lots of his life and experiences. Unfortunately he was someone raised in a violent way to be a deadly martial artist and my mind couldn't cope with the knot of negative emotions that I absorbed from him. I spent the next 2 days feeling as if my mind was splitting (schizophrenia) and unable to think any thoughts without them being voiced out in a hyper fashion. I did some research and attempted to heal myself through strumming a guitar while projecting out my emotions through the melody and it actually helped me bring my thoughts back in my head and my mind and emotions merged once again. I will never regret smoking weed since there was a point in my adolescence where I couldn't control my abilities and ended up absorbing negative emotions and amplifying them within myself leading to thoughts of suicide. Luckily my friend helped me get access to weed on a regular basis and I used it to calm my mind and emotions whenever they spiraled. Its been over 10 years now and I have smoked on a daily basis, I would guess that my brain has been altered in ways I can't understand by this abuse of this spiritual drug, but I will also say that if I hadn't smoked there was a chance that I would have done something horrible since I didn't understand what was happening to me through my life. Even now I barely understand what I am capable of, but I do know that it relates to theoretical thought and pushing my emotions to extreme limits to predict the possible future and things happening around the world related to what I am theorizing. I am not saying this without personal proof of my statements, but at the same time it feels like I am feeling around in the darkness and every time I make a prediction and use it to affect reality at the right time it feels like I start to lose my mind a bit when I realize what I just did. Meditation has saved me on several occasions so far, music helps heal the mind if you are able to use it to project your negative emotions outward too. I would recommend that you take up an instrument if you do develop psychic abilities you do lots of research and be very careful in exploring these abilities if you choose to do so since it can lead to many side effects. If your serious about learning more I would suggest finding a TRUSTWORTHY teacher who can guide and explain how your specific abilities work since there will come times when you will need their help to avoid potential life damaging side effects. Psychic abilities are also related to the afterlife and many psychics can talk to spirits, but the kicker is that if you don't have a teacher you will most likely get invaded by negative thoughts from the many restless spirits that have left their imprints in this world so don't try all that past life regression and astral projection unless your an adept or have a guide.
WhiteCrystalWorldBridger (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-04)
While smoking marijuana I've noticed on many occasions that my abilities became heightened, however once I started smoking cigarettes I noticed that my abilities have all but vanished, so there is a definite connection to drugs and other substances on your esp from my experience
HybirdTelepathy (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-07-06)
I first started on weed when I was 18 I didn't think much of it then because I smoked once every blue moon If someone offered it to me but I'm 24 now and I smoke it almost everyday one day I was live streaming on YouTube and I felt my Abilites for the first time I had a robot tellin me what the comments are saying and they troll was spamming D's in the comments he thought he was so funny until my powers kicked in I was so frustrated hear the D's in my mind I yelled just skip all that shiat and the Robot said my thoughts live on Stream she said "Skipping the Rest"
My comment was going crazy and people said yo how you do that I didn't know it can say that I just froze because I was shocked and was reading the comments in disbelief that it even happened I was still high but I came down quickly after that that was only
The beginning...
XxYoungFlacsxX (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-23)
I think when your on drug or alcohol
Your psychic abilities get block
I don't used any drug but I do take medication for anxiety and panic attacks and when I take them I can't feel anything or see Spirit and see
Chorizo (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-30)
Hi, I'm new to this website but, I had to do some research of my own and I'm glad I found this website and knowing I'm not the only one, I can hear voices in my head, and I can hear them sometimes cursing and saying negative things, and sometimes good things but only when I go through things in life, such as breakdowns or really bad stuff, but it's an everyday thing, I hear them (3 voices) either discussing about my past or just straight saying bad thing about me, I've learned to ignore them and not let them ruin my day, but I my self smoked a lot of weed and once I stopped smoking,that's when I could hear voices in my head, but yes weed does enhance this ability but in ways I don't know how to explain, I could talk to spirits and I can hear them stronger, I might be able to wake up spirits just by talking to people but only when I'm high, it's kind of scary but I don't let it kill my high, and then again I do love smoking weed, I stopped smoking for about 6 months and I want to smoke again but don't know if it's good or bad to do so since I know I'm Clairvoyant and I don't know what to do with this gift and on my everyday basis
Furyaivi (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-01)
last month in fact I smoked marijuana (now I normally wouldn't do anything like this, considering I really don't like drugs of any sort, I don't even like the Buzz from alcohol. However. It felt like an eternity when I was smoking. And everything became so Clear. Like I saw color for the first time. I could see my friends aura's vibrating. I'm not kidding. Vibrating. And I had a kind of Connection to their souls or something. However blissful the experience was, I was in a lot of pain during it. Why is that?.
nbite (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-07)
let me share my insights. Like it or not, what you are doing is still promoting weed, since there will always be people who reinforce their beliefs with this information. Also you don't provide rational or logical reason or statistics, just personal experience. But its all good.
Now let me move on to the things you have forgotten. If you say that it increases empathy - that might be true, but sensing energy is not empathy. Empathy is a lot more complex. What it does though, is relax your brain and make you more prone to follow and less worried (can you see the relation?). It changes the way we receive reward (dopamine). I won't go into detail here. And that in turn might make you less close minded. That is correct, it might make you less close minded, and less worried about making a mistake. Might is a very important word here, because as I said earlier, you are not getting what empathy is. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else shoes so to say, and what is the better way to think about someones reasons than to mimic. There are people who can do it better, there are people who can do it worse. For example - autists, or people who are not very good with listening or understanding a different point of view. Its pretty simple really.
sephiev22 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-31)
I have also had an experience like this. It was actually the first time I ever had a psychic experience. I was with my mother (don't judge, she is a great parent despite a few minor defects) and I had taken an extra hit off the pipe with her. It started out right, different time perception, all the usual stuff. But all of a sudden my heart started pumping out of my chest and my body was shaking. I started seeing lines of colors. I thought of people who I knew and I could see their colors, I could even see my mom's, who was sitting next to me. She is a natural empathic as well and had to talk me down, I was extremely freaked out and close to going into shock. Can I ask if anyone else has had this experience of seeing colors? I also felt my body thrumming with energy/chi/ whatever you wish to call it and when I touched my mom's arm I could feel her energy thrumming too. I have not done pot since but every once in a while I still get these rares flashes like I did that night.
ReikimasterMystic (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-25)
Dear Sweet Soul,

You sounded just like me. When I smoked I saw so much more however What I finally learned any addictions for me actually blocked my abilities. I would never ever tell you what to do, just now what is def working in my life and between you and me I loved weed!
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-19)
You are welcome. I'm glad I was able to help you. The Quartz crystal will help you find balance when you meditate. All you need to do is ask the crystal to help you. As time goes by you will gain more focus and balance in your life. They say a crystal chooses a person to be with. Let the crystal help you in your path in life. Take care.
Riv-El (4 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-19)
Eagleclaw, I totally agree, thank you.

I only do these things ONCE in a very blue moon and I'm stopping them for a long while after this happened.

However, I also needed to make sure I covered all my bases but thank you for explaining it to me. I was wearing the crystal and I actually was also wearing a tiger's eye bracelet bead but I think ill invest on an actual one.

I do need help in learning how to meditate the proper way and find balance I have been having so much problems with focusing the last few months its beginning to scare me.

Thank you everyone for your input and thank you Eagleclaw for explaining it to me.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-19)
I would like to explain a few things to you. Yes, some people do experience a heightened ability when they smoke pot. But people don't realize that they have also lost control of their selves and have allowed the lower vibrational spirits to come closer to them. The human aura is composed of 7 energy points. When you smoke pot it leaves a cloud of fog around your head for everyone with the ability to see auras to see (like myself). This fog will block the energy from traveling up and out of your aura as it should be. All energy centers must be clear and balanced in order for the energy to flow through you. You probably had the seizure because your crown center was blocked by smoking pot and it had no where to go. And/or you took someones energy that had a seizure disorder. Yes, when you take on someone's energy you are also taking some of their mental/physical problems as well. You must first learn how to process energy and clean yourself after you take it. Otherwise you may end up very sick because you have taken on too much of every ones energy who happen to have medical conditions as well. If you need to take energy you should take it from nature. Nature's energy is pure. And, you where also wearing the Quartz crystal. The Quartz crystal will amplify all of your abilities on all the energy centers. It is the most strongest crystal to possess in order to make a connection with the higher frequency spirits/entities. I advise you to spend time with the crystal by holding it in your hands or carrying it around with you. Oh, do not share the crystal with others because it will take on that other persons energy. Bond with the crystal. Let the crystal bond with you. Crystals have a spirit that dwells within each of them. You should interact with the crystal only when you are sober. Quartz crystals are high frequency crystals. They connect with celestrial spirits. And those spirits will connect with you but only if you are sober. I think you should do meditations a few times a week to balance yourself. And, buy a Tiger's eye crystal for protection. I believe in free will but I would lay off the beer and pot for a while if I were you. You have a path in front of you. Which way will you go?
inferred (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-18)
I've noticed that when I smoke a joint with friends and get really I can somehow mentally bring myself on another level of being, but it doesn't happen all the time, just when I smoke a lot at once, and well I was at the beach in the car, and I felt a feeling of pain, suffering, and heartbreak rip through me, it brought tears to my eyes instantly, and I just finished saying that I had a bad feeling that something was going to change that day that will affect everyone, and then a few hours later, the earthquake and tsunami happened in japan. But that wasn't the last time I had this feeling either, about 2 weeks later when I was in my friend's car just driving, everything around me just faded black, and then I beam of light hit me, I only caught a glimpse of this, but it was marvellous. I felt whole, happiness, and love and feelings that I couldn't explain, but then it went away, I became uber depressed, and I started crying saying, "i can't wait to be complete, I want to go right now". It was like I was meant to see it, or something but a part of me tells me that it was normal. (experiencing a high level of emotion like that and then major depression right after, I mean that makes sense right? It's like being in love with someone and they break up with you and feel depression right?) I've had many other encounters like this happen as well but now, I think my ability might be advancing... Because now I think I have a form of telekinesis, for some reason sometimes I can feel energy vibes or something, it tingles my brain and I can stair at something, and I can make it move... But it takes a lot of concentration. I felt my first vibe when I was sitting in my living room and I was concentrating on a chair... Thing is, I couldn't move it, but I was able to make it wobble a little a bit I got a major headache afterwards though... I've been practising that since, but the only thing I can do is move paper, but I was able to move pennies, but it takes a lot energy out of me, and right after I have to take a nap... But back to my comment, I think your right, I think weed may enhance our abilities, because ever since then I wasn't able to move things before. However, before all this I could still be bale to predict some stuff that will come to pass, but its only happened moments before something actually happens. Have you had any other experiences like this happen to you? I wouldn't mind exchanging more experiences with you. We could study this!
Aisatsana (7 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-18)
I don't know how many people know this, but Indian shamans often use drugs like Marijuana to go on spirit walks. I guess you could say it relax's the spirit and makes it easier to slip from your body.

As for the seizure, while you can absorb peoples energy, you have to realize not all energy is clean and dandy. I'm just theorizing, as I also absorb energy on a more regular basis (namely electricity from things like the TV and other electronics), that even the slightest amount can get intoxicating and I imagine if you were absorbing everyone's energy, you kind of went into an overload. In a way you can say your brain short-circuited and had to reboot.

For now, try not to get high and experience energy vampirism at the same time. Good luck!
Madara (guest)
10 years ago (2012-06-18)
what happened like you say may be caused by the drugs, they effect everybody differently.I'm still a kid and I don't know how you get after you smoke marijuana and I don't think trying but was the feeling like your spirit's out of your body? I mean like you aren't sure what your doing. Something like this happened to me some time ago but I only went to a mountain in my home land that makes you feel like that because of all the energy it possesses. I was close to going unconscious several times. Anyway in such a state your psychic powers do enhance.I've heard of an ability that permits the user to absorb people's energy. I never tryed it, I only used the Earth, the moon and that mountain. And about drugs and the enhancements of abilities if I'm not wrong I've read somewhere that centuries ago warriors' strength was increased by herbs and/or drugs.
I hope this answers your question 😁

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