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Empathic, Psychic, Angel, Other - Need Guidance And Answers


I do apologize if this sounds a bit crazy but I googled certain keywords to my situation and it has brought me to this site.

A little bit about my personality, I consider myself a good person, I always want to help people, I always put others before me. I'm very positive and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and there's rarely any negativity in me. I'm not trying to show that off its just part of who I am and I feel this detail is important to my story.

Currently, I'm 25 years old. I've realized I'm an Empath about a few years ago when I was explaining to people that I know how people feel and how people feel around me. A few friends explained that it's being an Empath. Really cool, I didn't think anything of it.

My abilities have been becoming stronger lately. A few months ago I met someone like me and this person sensed that I was the same as they were, which is something beyond an Empath. According to them, I have a different energy only seen in children. If they focus on me my energy is like a sunburst. While I was hanging with this person they showed me some of their abilities where if they go near a dim light it turns on, and its simple lights like a street lamp and things of that nature. A few weeks after I saw that I was walking to my building and I noticed that I've been doing the same. I walked near some dim lights and they flickered on really bright. It's been happening more and more frequently and stronger as time has passed. Maybe they always happened and I never noticed.

Anyway, my empath abilities and that has been going on and my friend has been very vague. It seems they know what I am but they want me to figure it out on my own, which I respect. I don't think I'm an actual Empath but I definitely have Empathic abilities and now I realized the light power, I think it's called electrokenisis or something. I'm sure I might have more I haven't discovered yet or even realized it's an ability.

The thing is a month or so ago I've been having these bad nightmares I can't remember. I figured out that it was a Poltergiest attacking me. I was told by the same friend, which by the way I really trust and very close to, that they normally attack people who are discovering who they are to prevent it.

So I cleansed my apartment with White Sage. The problem is the last two months I've lost my abilities. My empath abilities are still somewhat there but even my friend says that vie been losing whatever abilities I had and whatever they sensed in me is kind of gone.

Also ever since then I lost much of my focus, not just in my abilities but focus in school work, focus in my friendships, focus on

To jump around a bit I have another close friend, let's call them friend # 2 but with friend # 2 I sensed that THEY themselves are like me. Also had different abilities but the same thing happened and when their poltergeist left them alone their other abilities besides their empath abilities were gone as well.

I can't lie I kind of like knowing that I have abilities because I feel I can help others.

A few weeks ago I THINK I dream walked into someone else's dream and when I asked them they confirmed that its possible since it makes sense.

Also over the last few months I've been having this crazy thought that maybe I may be connected to Angels in some way. Maybe I may be one, maybe I am connected in some way or maybe I'm something else that is totally different.

More about friend # 2, I have a deep connection with this friend. One connection I've never had before. I know when they're sad, I know when they're happy I know when they're hurt. Many times our feelings are in synchronization. When I'm stressed, they're stressed out, when I'm sad they're sad. Sometimes we even have the same exact dreams.

Both friend # 1, who has more experience, and friend # 2 who has less tell me they feel like they've known me in a past life. Friend # 1 is convinced that I might be an old soul, that this isn't my first time here.

Also one other small detail related to this, I went to this New Age Store, and I bought some stones to give to friend one, I bought something for myself, which is Angel Aura Quartz. Part of it because I keep having a feeling I might be connected to angels and may need it, another part because it actually was pretty and reminded me of the Fortress of Solitude Crystals from Superman. Every time I wear them the colors differ from Purple to Green. Not sure if it's the way the crystal is but I feel that detail is needed.

I also feel like something big is coming, then again I get that feeling every so often as well. I feel like I'm needed somewhere and don't know where it is, I feel like someone needs my help and I don't know who.

I want to able to focus more, I want to know who I am, I want to be able to have a better control of my abilities and even discover my other ones. Such as seeing energy. I know it's possible but ever since that poltergeist attacked me I feel like some memory and part of me has been erased and I can't figure out what it was.

I do apologize if I sound crazy but I am looking for help, I am looking for answers and guidance.

Thank you in Advance.

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ChelleyAnne (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-17)
I can relate to many of these and have been looking for others like me. My email is chelleyanne77 [at]
DerekRene (3 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
Riv-El being only 17 I can relate to a good amount of your story. I do understand the part where you do have an effect on children so do I, even infants. For some odd reason I attract them and can gain their trust. Not to make this about me my way of relating to this story is by my own experiences.
I understand how being Empathic can give you greater connections with people and objects. I try not to touch very many objects or people. As for your electrokenisis I've never experienced something like that but then againt different abilities can be in different people.
As for your abilites to disappear at a time I can relate to that even now. It could be the psychic attack that happened to you but a poltergiest or entity can or shouldn't be able to take away your abailites only make them dorment. Mine were going very well but they have subsided and i'm slowly am getting them back with new and stronger abilites.
As for your angel theory. I'm not one to do very much research into that. I do believe there are angels and it is possible you could have descended from one and that it is starting to awaken the abilities inside of you. The quartz you have can help you to an extent. I also understand how you feel something is going to happen that could be your premonitons (precog- sorry I can't think of the correct term at the moment) happening. Like most people suggest meditation can help you. I reccommend you do your mediation with mre of your quartz and others that you might find to help you.
Mike22 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-31)
Riv-El had a story about losing abilities. Several years ago I did have a negative entity tell me in his words "You cannot stop me you haven't been practicing".With the birth of my son I tried to close off all my abilities to protect him. Honestly I never really had to practice so the concept was puzzling.

While my other abilities simply laid dormant. My empath abilities have always remained strong. To keep my Empath abilities in check I would just simply avoid eye contact and people in general. I lived in fear that I would see the demonic attachments in people and worse I felt that they would see me. I always analyze everything so I was thinking, this entity said "I haven't been practicing" so logically if my empath abilities were still strong, it had to be talking about my other abilities. Therefore confirming that the abilities were still there. So yours are still within also.

I honestly never felt a need for the other abilities until now with your confirmation that something is coming. So I will try to unlock them, don't know how but i'll get there. Then I'll let you know. I always work on my empath abilities. It wasn't until 3 months ago that I actually embraced my abilities fully. My life has been so much better now that I have. No more high blood pressure, stress or migranes.

As for going to a psychic, I have never been impressed. I don't know why but I always had a feeling that if you charged someone to help them you are not genuine. I actually had one tell me that my abilities were a curse. Which is funny when you think about it because wouldn't we share some of the same gifts. She did offer to remove the curse for $300. She really cared, right!

As for why we get attacked, its simple fear blocks our ability. I've been attacked so much it became ridiculous. Every house with a ghost would just bring attention to me and some entity/ghost/demon would always start something. Most of the attacks happened after my 18th birthday after I turned from my ability. I still had my empath abilities so I could still see, hear, and even get physically attacked. It was never anything to scary. Except 1 time I tried to fight back mentally and whatever it was felt like an anvil dropped on my chest. Needless to say, that was the last time I fought back. Now I just try not to provoke them.

As for connections to certain people. I'm kind of confused on this one now because up until yesterday after reading your post I simply believed that anyone with a familiarity with me or that my knowledge was from some sort of past life. I will meditate tonight for more answers. But this Angel theory makes a lot of sense with my whole life. Lets see I prayed and cried to God all these years never receiving any help or answers. If I chose to fall he wouldn't help. I told someone two days ago that God does not see me and I truly felt that in my heart, still do. Even now the message that we share is not coming from him in my head and heart. Another thing to think about is a fallen angel could not die. They couldn't go to heaven and I doubt they would choose Hell. So that would mean they would have to always reincarnate until final judgement. I'll just say this without going into great detail, apparently the fallen can't commit suicide. As for your friends it could be as simple as you sense the light within their soul. I do this with everyone I meet. If I do not sense purity within your soul or a soul period, I pretty much avoid them.

If you read the bible carefully you will notice this: On the 6th day God said let us create man and women in our image blah blah blah. 7th day rest. Then he created Garden of Eden, then Adam. The special part here is that he breathed into Adam the breathe of life which gave him a soul. The people he created on the 6th day had no soul. Some will argue that The Garden story is just explaining the sixth day in more detail. Let's say they are right. After Cane killed Abel he said "my punishment is to great for me to bear ALL that shall see me shall surely try to kill me". Who are the ALL. Next person in the bible is Cane's wife. Where did she come from? The Bible also states that Seth was the 3rd child born to Eve to replace Abel, so Cane's wife was clearly not his sister. I tell you this story because you should know that they're are people here on earth without souls, not saying they are bad they are pretty much just empty vessels and demons will feed on them. When empaths are close to someone it is always a souled individual. Some could possibly be some of the fallen or just soul mates. Not all soul mates are lovers some are actual just that mates. Here to help guide each other to a certain path and also to protect one another.

You can find the Book of Enoch online to read or download. There is even a phone app.
Riv-El (4 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
[at] Ladyhawke, thank you that made a lot of sense.

I think my biggest issue is finding a way to relax myself to learn, finding good ways of meditating and things like that.

Also finding a way to get back the ability I lost, why I was attacked in the first place.

Lastly why I have these connections with my friends.
Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
Hello Riv-El,and everyone here so far. I am a descendent of Enoch, don't get excited, many of us are. We have the ability (again, don't get excited), to gain insight without seeking words. Books and information are only the kindling to the greater fire in us all when it becomes our mind and consciousness incorporated with the author of this realities purpose and guidance. In other words, enlightenment by experience not informational download. Clear your mind, walk out into the day and ask to be taught by your true parent, the giver of your exsistence. Let your God be revealed to you as you look into the eyes of all Gods children... Human and non human... Walk in the natural world and be held speechless by the clarity of the devine exsistence. And don't worry about your part in it, if you didn't have one, you wouldn't be here. Start learning to listen inwardly... You have all you need to accomplish the tending of the garden given to you. All the details will come as your understanding grows, I promise, it will. And Love? The one who gave this heart of hearts desire will also be the one who fills it beyond your greatest expectations. We only have glimmers, a taste of the feast to come. Our hands are Gods hands, go love and you will feel love. We are still such children and our parent is teaching as we gain the ability (theres that word again...) to understand what we are being taught. There is much to do, not so much how we got here, but what we will do while we are here... It is a decision between you and the lover of your soul... All else falls into place. Blessed be my young brothers and sisters, I'm glad you are awakening... Ladyhawke ❤
Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
It is just amazing, how much I can relate to this post and the reply the was giving by mike22.

Just like you guys, I always felt somehow connected to angels, I feel that I have a purpose in this world and it bring great joy every time I'm able to help someone in need. I usually pray every night but from time to time, I "talk" to him/god. When I do this, is way different than praying, to me is more like talking to regular friend. I do hear a different voice when I ask question and some of my friend tell me that it is
Probably my "higher self" or just myself answering me own question but the reason why I'm telling this is because last night I had one of those "talk" and even thou I don't remember how the entire conversation started, there was a point when I said to myself *that I can't be his angel until I am able to let go of the feeling of my path*

While reading mike22 reply, I started thinking to myself, that maybe I have also fallen due to this feeling. Imp the type of person who can never hurt someone, no matter how much that person had hurt me. I'm still friend with people who had cause me many problems/pain in my life and I can't bring myself to hate them or separate from them and even thou that pain/problem were in the path and many have change I still can't let go of the feeling I went through in the path.

I feel like a simple "apology" from those people, will bring me happiness, but instead they act as if nothing ever happen and I kind of envy that.

So if the story is true, of how god did love the human more than the angel, it might be possible some of us, felt left out and fallen due to this. But anyways we need to keep looking ahead and prepared for whatever is coming because I know we play a major role and our assistance will be required.

Love and care for thy neighbor.
Riv-El (4 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
Never been to a Psychic myself yet but I plan on it.

I've had the same similar messages you have had but not with words, more like quick glances of visuals and thoughts.

Im going to try and find this book.

Any tips on how to get abilities back? How to meditate is it simple meditation because i've been trying that but again my focus is just really bad as of late.

Thanks my friend!
Mike22 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
Wow! A lot of what you said hit home. Especially the paragraphs about angels and something big is coming. Lets just say I have received the same info. It really freaked me out reading this. I thought I was going crazy. If you truly believe you are possibly an angel, actually if you are here on Earth then you would actually be one of the fallen, you really need to read the book of Enoch. Some angels fell out of spite (those became demons) and some fell for other reasons. I don't know how, if we are angels, if its through blood line or through some sort of possession. Maybe someone else could answer this for both of us. I'm sure if we both received the same info, we could not be alone.

I discovered my abilities at age 8 (now 37). Seeing ghost, moving objects, reading and controlling minds, etc. I've done it all. My strongest or best ability is to read a persons soul from eye to eye contact. You've heard the saying "Eyes are the windows to the soul" well its true. I remember praying to God every night as a child and young adult searching for answers. I remember crying every night, begging for his guidance. I remember reading the bible every day in search of answers. I actually went to Catholic School and they could not answer anything either. I did continue my search for answers though. I've read several versions of the Bible, Koran, Mormon, and even the Jewish Bible. I also read other books in search of answers from Satanism, Witchcraft, Crystals, Occultism. All served as educational tools even the weird ones. But still no answers.

I've had several supernatural events that happened in my life that affected most of my abilities. I do meditate frequently trying to get back what I lost, and sometimes just to get answers. I don't know who gives me the info, I joke with my wife that I get a download from my higher self occasionally. I don't know if it is everyone or just empaths/angels/psychics but every answer we will ever need is already within. Unlocking the info is the key. We are attacked to create doubt and to keep that info locked. Don't know if this has happened to you or anyone else but when I go to psychics they always ask the same thing "Do I know you or Where do I know you from" I even had someone who ended up getting possessed minutes after we initially met. She looked deep in my eyes tilted her head, stared for about a minute I walked away then it happened. So apparently there is something that people sense in us.

After reading the book of Enoch I have a bit more understanding of Angels and Demons. All lies have a bit of truth, remember that always. The Bible was written by a man, so that within it self is a flaw. You must use your higher self to distinguish what's true. But Lucifer for example, God's right hand man, described as one of the most beautiful angels. Although Lucifer's name is only mentioned once in the Bible, he is somehow converted to the ugly horned monstrosity known as the Devil or Satan. Demons prey on our fear, man created these monsters and images to instill fear, demons just roll with it. Now there are demons that are angry with God and man. But we must remember ALL demons were and technically are angels. Once you realize that the fear diminishes. Not saying that they shouldn't be feared, but not for their appearance. An Empath's greatest gift will always be the gift of discernment. We can see through their illusions. As for our other abilities, I doubt that they are gone completely maybe just buried. If we are being called upon and if those abilities are needed, logically they would become available again.

Three months ago I was an emotional wreck. I had a lot of issues that wore on my soul, from work to my family life. As an empath we bottle our feelings in and then we snap. I finally snapped and something changed. I feel like a different person all together. My abilities are getting stronger every day. I wondered what should I use my ability for. I mean if its back there had to be a reason, right. I have no more fear, so I thought maybe I should help people with spiritual or demonic attachments. The lady that got possessed when we met, I held her in my arms and somehow managed to help her. But for now I've actually been using my gift to help people with emotional and relationship issues. I had to tell the people that I was helping about my ability because with my gift, I knew things that I couldn't and shouldn't have known.

Last week I got the same angel info, don't know if it was the same for you but the words used were "fight" and "brothers" and that was in regards to Angels/Demons and also "we need you" "need your help" "something bad is coming". I thought it was just me so I started to do more research on the fallen last night but I decided to take a short cut and watch Insidious. Last time I watched it I got attacked well things tried to attack me. When they are around I can easily connect to, I don't know GOD/JESUS/MY HIGHER SELF. Whoever feeds us the info.

I have a strong feeling that I have fallen. I have an idea on why. God didn't show the angels much love after the creation of man. According to the book of Enoch and the Bible the Angels took mortals wives for themselves. Both books leave you to believe it was only about sex, but for some Angels it was more about love. Since I was a kid love is all that I desired. I know that love would be the only reason why I would fall. While some angels did have hatred toward man and God, some of them just wanted love. But since it was against Gods law, they made the choice to fall and live for love. Like I said I'm curious, if true, how is it possible? Blood line or Possession?

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