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A little history about me. I'm an empath, my abilities aren't fully developed. I can sense other people's feelings and it can be difficult I'm trying to control it. I also have a connection with one person. No matter where that person is I can feel when they are sad, angry, upset, happy, etc. I can't do it with others Just that one person. That person is convinced we are soul mates but we just can't be together. I won't talk about my love life here but I feel that information is important.

A few months ago I was being attacked by this supernatural thing. I don't know what or why but I made it to away with some white sage and witch hazel. However, when that went away so did most of my abilities. I also have the ability to interact with lights but I'm very new. I can cause a flickering light around me to light up or turn off. I can also cause certain touch screen phones to glitch if I'm touching it but that last part is rare.

Anyway, after the thing that attacked me left most of these left. I'm not sure if its gone because I'm not being attacked anymore or if it was the white sage. I was mostly being attacked in my dreams and weird things around the house.

More recently I've started to get interested in these things again. My abilities, researching the Supernatural, researching historical events that have to do with Angels and demons. Now I've been waking up for the past two or three weeks at 3 am or 4am and can't fall asleep until 5am. I never thought anything of it but I started to tell my friend and they mentioned that was the witching hour. Basically something to do with the supernatural but I can't find any good research on it except that its the time where the supernatural is at its strongest.

The point I'm here this time is that I know I have a gift. I want to embrace it and understand it. I know there are dangers but I feel like my body subconsciously blocks the supernatural and I don't know if that's good or bad all I know is that this happens to me when I'm Trying to find something out. I can't help but feel that I am supposed to develop strongly. That ill be needed for something soon.

I've always had this affinity with angels. That I may somehow be tied to them but I may be wrong. However my life so far is very similar to being a type of guardian. I'm always there for people when needed and I can feel if someone needs my help. I feel like life always takes me to where I'm needed by people I'm needed I've helped so many people with problems. Unfortunately, once I really help them we always grow apart and I move on and then I'm off to the next person. I find myself getting very close to people and once I help them with what they really need we distance ourselves. Sometimes they find reasons to get angry at me and turn on me other times we just grow apart.

I know all this is all over the place but I feel these bits of information are needed.

So I hope someone out there has any answers and can help me out.

- I want to know how I can control my abilities?

- How can I find out if I'm connected to angels or something similar?

- Why this one particular person I know is the only person I can have such a strong empathic/psychic connection from far distances?

- Is it possible to have more than one ability? So far my abilities are Empath, which is my strongest, Electrokensis which is getting stronger, Especially these days, and I want to say PreCognitive dreaming but only a few of my dreams come true and not in the same way as they happen in the dream however last week I was thinking of someone and a few minutes later I randomly ran into them and the encounter was the same way it happened in my head a few minutes before hand. Last time that happened I was about 10 or 11 years old or so.

-Lastly and I know this question gets asked a lot but How can I get stronger or have a better understanding to what's going on with me?

I know people say meditate but I have to be honest I've tried it and my mind wanders a lot. Maybe I need more discipline or maybe a different type of meditation technique where I'm not easily distracted or fall asleep.

As with my previous posts I do apologize for any redundant comments and if anything I said here is a repeat of a previous post but I'm still very new at this and just want an understanding and I thought i'd give a bigger back story in case I missed anything compared to what's going on with me now.

Thank you guys for your time.

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ktbug120 (1 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-25)
Hmm. That is very interesting. I'm new to the supernatural world, so I may be wrong, but my guess is to recover your ability, you'll need to spend some time in your own head. To think. You need to focus and practice, and maybe try meditating again. Of course you can have more than one ability! I'm sure I do. And as far as the angels go, well... Maybe just Pray? I'm not sure. It is very fascinating, though... Good luck! ❤

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