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Precognition Development? And Something Else?


I just signed up on this site though I've been reading it on and off for a few years now. My name is empmew, a name I've stuck with since I was a kid, and rest assured the name is no indication that I'm lying or making the following up.

I believe I possess precognition, with varying extents of control over it.

Several years ago I had a series of weird times where I was in my home and there was a blue tint to everything. And those were the times when disasters like the tsunami in 2004 and the like occured. I was a kid then, so obviously nobody believed me and despite seeing the coincidences, I brushed it off.

The dreams continued, and had an odd accuracy rate of being on the mark or completely off. I suppose I had precognitive dreams and regular ones, which explains why the visions were a hit and miss at those times. Then the precognition changed mediums in a way when I was a teenager. Instead of just dreams, they extended to some form of a "bad feeling" a while before something was about to happen. Those again were hits and misses but pretty much if something bad happens that was significant to the world or to me personally, I might have had a bad feeling before that or a dream of it.

Just like how these things are a bit difficult to explain, they disappeared for some time. When I was 14 or 15, I basically stopped having them as frequently anymore. The occasional dream would pop up but more of a hint that something was about to happen as opposed to direct messages like the "bad feeling" or symbolic dreams.

And then now, I'm eighteen, and the precognition is back. I've probably had a much easier life when my precognition was out of the picture, and my social skills/life has improved. I probably view not having precognitive abilities more of a blessing to my life, but now it's back. And it's back with a vengeance I suppose. I got my ability back a few weeks ago but it's getting out of hand I woke up from the most recent one completely afraid of the future.

Anyway let's get to the way my precognition returned. I dreamed a very lucid dream of seeing one of my female friends lying on the lap of a guy. I didn't really know who the guy was but I definitely did recognize my friend (let's call her Kate for convenience). Anyway I woke up thinking- wow that's an awkward, am I starting to develop feelings for Kate? (Me and Kate are close but not romantically involved) and got back to sleep since the dream woke me up at 2 in the morning (quite an uncommon occurance, I rarely get affected by my dreams that way and still remember them in the morning). Then the next day I overheard Kate talking to her friends "...marrying me to him" or something of that sort. Either way it was probably related to her love life so I didn't pry. The day after that (2 days after the dream), I see that Kate somehow reconciled with her ex boyfriend, and being a bit concerned, I try to look for them and saw them at almost the same position as in the dream. And this was the first of the few precognitive dreams I've had in that period.

The second dream was immediately after the dream about Kate, and it involved another friend. This was a bit far fetched so based on experience, I deduced it was symbolic in nature rather than literal. It was a male friend falling off a cliff with another male friend. (let's call them Mike and John). It was from the perspective of something similar to a movie, and I was zoomed in to Mike, and john basically couldn't be seen for some reason. Mike cast a spell or screamed something, and a blimp appeared, he landed on it and I woke up. That same day (the day Kate spoke with her friends), I hit a softball into the foot of my gym teacher (which fit into my symbolic interpretation of an event that could have been fatal but wasn't- I'm one of the best batters in the school).

Sometime in this period I also had a dream where I was dreaming of something that was completely blank by the time I woke up. But as I awoke from this dream I sprang up from my bed and I was completely awake and lucid, unlike most dreams where at least some feeling that I was asleep before would show. Anyway, as I awoke from this dream in particular, I recall an image, a bony creature wrapped in bloody flesh (not much of it, kind of like just a bit of flesh remains on bones after removing the meat) and a scream of "F*** YOU" changed through my ears as my back was leaving the bed. Thinking of it now, was the creature a ghoul?

The forth was the day I saw Kate and her boyfriend. After school, I took a nap and I dreamt of one of my old schoolmates, Hannah. She's an attractive girl but studies in another school and in my dream, she visited my high school. I remember seeing her and saying "holy shiat why are you so tall?", which is pretty weird since I'm 6 feet, which is really tall in my country and Hannah was shorter than me the last time I saw her. The day after that, at additional classes outside school, a girl was attending a replacement lesson, and she looked exactly like Jan, a friend who was in my class last year but migrated to the UK. One difference, Jan is tall but the girl wasn't. On retrospect, I suppose the dream was symbolic of a blast from the past.

I could give more examples but I forgot some of the less significant ones. Anyway yesterday after a vacation overseas I was dead beat so I slept. I dreamt of the x rated dream teenagers occasionally have. I woke up and I slept again. This time I dreamt I was in some sort of asylum or prison. It had murderers and one of them reminded me of victor zsasz from batman as one of the inmates. It's a bit painful to remember now but in the dream I sacrificed my father to victor zsasz and I thought I went into another dream, because my father was alive then. It seemed to play out as a movie because I saw his identity card but it had a date on it- exp June 23. In the dream I hugged him and I cried because at the point I realized he was a ghost. I gave him a bracelet and as I clasped it onto his wrist he disappeared. Then I woke up afraid, and fell asleep after at least half an hour- longer than most dreams.

Guys I'm thankful for whoever reads through al this and quite honestly need your help. Almost all my visions of the future can be altered in some way but the most recent one worries me- as well as that dream involving that creature- it doesn't seem like a good thing.

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Empmew (guest)
10 years ago (2014-06-17)
Anyway just wanted to update. Apparently, short of people who are close to me Kate, people who are involved in the precognitive dreams don't turn up in the dreams as the person they actually are. Like Hannah being representative of some other girl and one of the friends being representative of the teacher. Any other experiences with something similar on your ends? Like precognitive dreams only hinting the people/person involved.

Another discovery I made so far- I get a one day leeway with these dreams. So let's say I sleep on Wednesday and dream of an event. In all likelihood I have the whole of Thursday to figure it out before the actual thing happens on Friday.

And another update. The father death thing probably was a precursor to the argument my dad and I had about something- so hopefully that's all over and done with.
AmberEyes (2 stories) (116 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
I have precognitive dreams too... And like you, not all of them come true and some of them are more symbolic. I've had horrible dreams about myself and my family as I have really vivid dreams all the time. I had this horrible dream where my own mother had a seizure and died.

It was so realistic, much like yours and it caused me to have lots of emotions. But it didn't happen. The dream with your dad and the ghoul one are probably random.

Perhaps, the dream about your dad could be more symbolic in nature, maybe he's going enter a new stage in life which was represented by him passing away in the dream. Showing kind of the next step. If you are religious you could pray to give yourself comfort. Also, it might be good find ways to spend lots of time with him. Maybe the dream is warning you so you can prevent something bad from happening?

This is the problem and the thing that annoys me with them, you never know which one to believe or which one is significant... I hope both were just random and that you are able to become comfortable with the dreams in future. If you want to ask me any questions or get any clarifications feel free.
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
Hey empmew. I am from your country:) Maybe you should visit a psychic or maybe ask a monk about your experiences? I do not know how to help you. I'm sorry>< Just wanted to write this comment to show that I will do my best to help you.

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