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The Challenge


This is a story for many, many years I had chosen not to tell. Since it was a very personal experience I wasn't sure how it might've been received. Hence it was more like keeping a secret. Which I'm not too keen about having. I'm a very open and straight forward kind of a person, keeping this to myself at times seemed like a burden.

I'm confident that posting my story here will be more acceptable having read the many variants of other peoples experiences. It may be a little long in telling, but I do not want to leave out any key parts. I would like feedback and your opinions to discuss or comment upon.

This story takes place when I was 15 years old. Back in those days I was somewhat of a wild child. Full of energy and always looking to the next adventure, Because what teenager Doesn't think they're invincible right?!, lol.

One night while hanging out with 2 of my guy friends, one particular guy was not of our group but lived in the same building as one of my friends. His name is Bob. Bob was an unusual person. His mother was very into the supernatural and from what I heard of this guy, so was he. Bob claimed to be able to make contact with the spirits.

I'd like to explain, we were in a tall apartment building, on the 19th floor. Also there with us a an older couple, in their early 20's sleeping in the next room. One of my friends suggested contacting the spirits via a seance. Bob was excited to say the least since he wanted to prove to us that he could make contact!

We all agreed, There was only 2 doors. One to the apartment and the sliding glass door to the balcony. We sealed both with towels, closed tight any windows, slid the adjoining bedroom door where the couple slept. Prior to all this. Bob, left and returned with a large red candle. We shut off the lights and sat around the small round dining table.

At first my 2 guy friends were fooling around, snickering. Like many stories there seems to be at least One silly person. Well Bob started to say something, like a chant or, I'm not too sure, but he seemed very serious about it. The first thing he was asking, if there were any spirits there, and if so, to let us know by flickering the flame. It worked somewhat but not to what he was liking. He then tried a few more times but got too frustrated and quit.

We then took a smoke break and talked about it. Then one of my friend suggested I give it a try. I was hesitant since I never did anything like this out in the open, in front of anyone before. They had no knowledge I too was into the supernatural. I agreed only after that Bob guy challenged me. He was being sarcastic and saying no girl could do what he could. So here it goes.

We returned to our chairs around the table, had made sure the doors and windows were secured shut. After a few moments of my friends being silly I began. Bob wanted me to make the flame flicker... So I quietly asked if there were any spirits here, The flame flickered slowly, but it was steady. I looked to my friends who got very quiet. But when I looked to this Bob guy his eyes were not liking it.

In my head, saying no words, I asked for more signs of the spirits' presence. The hanging planter started to sway ever so slightly, the room got very cold as if the AC were juiced up. None of us moved from our seats. Bob looked so irritated and almost sulking when he looked at me. The curtains began to move like if someone was behind it and gently making it wave. My friends got scared experiencing all this and broke the circle. Bob just stared at me and I to him.

One friend went to turn on the lights of the apartment. The planter and curtains continued to sway, the room remained so cold. Then we heard what turned out to be the girlfriend of the couple sleeping in the next room crying, but she was like crying softly in her sleep. We all stood between the adjoining bedroom and the main apartment room. We were at loss for words at this point.

Its safe to say my 2 friends were freaking out, the rooms activity was getting pretty out-there! Bob stood next to me and said...*Go take care of it, You called it make it stop Now!*...I was a little freaked myself but again, not liking his tone with me I said...*Fine!*...Inside though in my dark fears of what I would find on the other side of the curtain, standing out there on the balcony was freaking me out!...But I went, I reached for the end of the curtain and pulled it back... There was, Nothing!. Nothing was there, the sliding glass door was still shut and locked tight. The planter was still swaying, the room still very cold, then the now 4 of us stood wondering who is going to wake the girl from her crying sleep?!

One friend, whose apartment we were in decided to go wake her, we all stood quiet to hear why she was crying. She quietly told my friend, she had a dream of her brother who was sitting on a park bench waiting for help but the Devil appeared and... That was it!...She started crying again... The 3 of us were standing at the foot of the bed, my other friend shook the toes of her boyfriend to wake him. Nothing, he was in a deep sleep. We found it odd, sleeping right next to him was his crying girlfriend, yet he he was oblivious to it and her.

Bob then leaned towards me and said...*You go wake him*, I was still tripping out on all of this but I did. I moved closer to the bed and shook his leg to wake him quietly calling his name a few times. He was on his stomach, his head resting on his folded arms beneath his face. This is where it totally freaked all of us out!

Clyde, the sleeping guy, slowly moved his head towards his left side upon hearing me call his name to wake him. His face now in full view of all of us. His eyes were black, full on black! There were no white to his eyes. It looked or gave me the feeling of something dark. As if the eyes were saying...*Why Hello There!* in an evil sense kind of of way... If anyone has watched the movie with Ray Milland in *The Man with the X-ray Eyes*...thats Exactly how Clydes' eyes were!...The eyes seemed to be grinning!...My friend as well as Bob said (phrases cannot post), but you get the meaning of shock and fear!

It lasted but minutes, then it left Clydes' eyes, he turned to his girlfriend and both of them sat up and knew we had done something. They got upset, understandably, and left. By this time the room had gone back to its normal temperature, the curtain and planter had stopped swaying.

We all chilled out for a while, talking about what just happened and then Bob, in a accusatory tone said to me...*It was You who did all this!*...and I looked to him and replied...*Well You wanted to see proof now you got it!*...Since that incident I've never participated in any more seances, though I am still intrigued about them. I'm happy to tell that, that Bob guy never challenged me again and he never became any permanent acquaintance of mine.

Its been many years, I've lost touch with those friends, but hopefully they remembered it enough to not go messing with that kind of stuff again. There was one more experience relating to this one, but I'll leave it to another post if anyone's' interested.

Thank you for reading my long story! Any and all comments will be gladly appreciated!. If anyone has an idea as to What I am or What I've done, please feel free to address it!


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TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-18)
When I first felt something beside my bed, I was afraid and scared. I would always sleep with the nightlight switched on. But over the years, I have gotten use to it. I now sleep without the nightlight switched on:). But to make myself feel safer, I would cover my entire body with a blanket.
Letum (5 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-17)
Hey there TheHelper... So glad to hear you got those for the most part under control. I'm wondering though of *It* still being by your bed at night. Does it make you feel uncomfortable or are you able to sleep without much concern? If it was me, I'd be a little paranoid to sleep in that bed... Oh also, Do you feel this presence anywhere else where you live? Post if you can or want, I'm curious. And I will submit the continuation of my experience concerning Clyde.

Hey there Ambereyes... Yes I'm very glad I have had no more contact with that Bob guy too!. I know I posted that this *thing* had an evil sense, it was a dark thing for sure! Thanks for the suggestion of burning sage for protection as well!

Peace All...Letum*
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
I am curious about what was possessing clyde. Cant wait for the post!:)
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
After I learned my lesson, my experiences with the shadowy figures and voices slowly disappeared. I still feel a presence beside my bed when I sleep at night though.
AmberEyes (2 stories) (116 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
That sounded like some kind of evil entity. When it comes to experiences like this I would advise against participating in anymore seances. But I am a big chicken when it comes to spirit and the like, so I wouldn't participate in anything like this at all ever. So my advice might not be the best to follow. You sound like a medium though. And I'm glad you've ridded your life of Bob, he doesn't sound very nice. Sorry for not being helpful but your experience was interesting. Burning sage can help ward off evil entities. This response is fragmented, I apologize. 😜
Letum (5 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
Hey there Thehelper!, good to hear from you again. Yep I totally agree on Not making light of the spirits and such. That guy Bob, oh man, he was just downright *growls* you know?! He even had a freaky look in his eyes when he'd look at you! So do you still have those shadowy things following you?, and are you still hearing those deep voices? Oh that would be unnerving! I have a theory on *What* was possessing Clyde that night. I'll post up here soon so that my experiences will be close to one another... Ok then...Peace...Letum*
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-16)
Hey Letum. I am at the age where you experienced the incident, 15 years old...>< When I was 12, I love to make fun of ghosts and the paranormal. I was a skeptic and I did not believe in them. Back then, I had this teacher I really hated. I would always perform funeral rituals during her class. I would also make fun of ghosts. Then something happened. I started feeling someone stalking me each time I walked home. I turned around and no one was there. After that, it got worse. I started seeing shadowy figures moving about. I started hearing voices. Deep voices. I did not sleep well too. I often got angry and irritated at the slightest things. I was scared and afraid. I learned that there are things in this world that we have yet to understand and we should not make fun of them.

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