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Losing Time


Back in the summer if 2011, my family and I arrived here in Idaho. My husband and I are very in tuned with the paranormal. Being new to the state, we were taken places that might be of interest to us.

One particular place was the old Pioneer Cemetery outside of Boise to the first settlement called Idaho City. There is so much history there it would take a few good weeks to actually learn and explore that town.

It was late afternoon when we got there. I've been to many graveyards in my life, only a few did I need to be somewhat cautious of.

Having visited this cemetery once already we were eager to actually walk inside.

My husbands cousin who drove us there opted to wait in the SUV while we got out to explore the graveyard. He had good reason to remain in the vehicle. We all had a previous experience up there the first time he took us there that did not go very well. There was four of us and experienced something very negative, and this was just driving past the place.

So there we were. My husband decided to walk up along the outskirt trail of the cemetery and I chose to stay on the main dirt pathway also heading up and further into the grounds. I wanted to make sure I could see the SUV as well as keep an eye on my husband since there were slopes that take him out of view.

I enjoyed the waning sunlight, the sounds of birds and wind blowing throughout the graveyard. I took the time to read the barely readable headstone, thinking on how long ago these people had lived. From time to time I'd look to see where my husband was and timed my step to his.

As I reached a fork in the pathway, I paused briefly to look down towards the gate to see the SUV, then turned a quarter way back towards where I thought my husband would be. He was gone from view. For a brief moment I waited to see if he would show up, as I've mentioned earlier the outer trail had slopes and dips. But he was nowhere to be seen or heard.

Having experienced uncomfortable *feelings* before, I stood in place. Took in everything surrounding me and controlling my breathing. Yes, there ware mountain lions roaming the area so being extra paranoid my senses were on high alert.

I called out to my husband...*Hun! Where are you?!*, and he answered...*Right here*...I turned another quarter turn towards the fork in the pathway and there he was, just standing there. I consciously stayed calm and asked him...*How long were you standing there?...I just turned to look at the SUV and when I looked for you, you were gone?!*...His reply was...*Hun I've been standing here for seven minutes now.* At this point we both knew I had just experienced something. He also kept an eye on me as he walked the perimeter of the graveyard, as I was doing the same, but for some reason. I lost track of him and of time.

We paused long enough to agree, it was time to leave. We chose not to mention anything to his cousin since he already didn't like being anywhere near there. However when back at our motel, my husband and I discussed the possibilities of what happened. This place, the state is still new to me therefore I haven't got the *feeling* of it yet, but slowly its becoming more open to me, and I to it. Its a good thing.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, ideas or interpretation of what you think. Oh and not to forget to mention, I have an extremely large safety bubble which spans a good thirty feet there about.

Thank you for your time to read my story!



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TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-04)
Haha:). What you said is scary, but interesting too. I have heard voices before. When I was 12, I often hear someone calling my name. The voice was quite deep. And scary. Sometimes it happens in the day, sometimes it happens at night. It still happens today. Its a mystery. But I have kind of gotten use to it.
Its a pleasure talking to you:)
Letum (5 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-04)
TheHelper...Thanks for your reply!... Anything is possible. I too have watched and heard that demons can take human forms for whatever their agenda may be. Its been said of this cemetery, a dark energy has been experienced by many people over the years who've visited there. Stories of a child killer found dead next to the graves of the little girls he had killed. Voices people claimed have heard. There are so many variables to try and come up with an explanation. Stories of the many men who have met untimely deaths during the years of the towns mining era. The Free Masons original building still stands, though closed off due to age and safety reasons. Most likely we will visit there again in the future, I find my mind drifts back to that day, that incident and ponder on it briefly. *Smiles* forgive me if any part of my story has caused you to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes part of our journey is to face what we fear most. Thanks again... Oh and don't go scaring yourself ok, ok!...Peace...Letum*
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-04)
Could it be a demon? I remember watching a show that mentioned demons being able to transform into a human being. Could it have transformed into your husband to scare you? Also there was a negative feeling near the cemetery which could explain a dark entity in there. Well um, these are just my thoughts when I read your story. I will stop writing now. My thoughts are making me scared><

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