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Comforting Visit, Sad Ending. Coincidence? Nope


My story goes back a few years. 2001 16th April. I've always had vivid dreams. My dreams are very detailed down to the location, clothing, weather and emotions. This particular dream is a personal one, as most are to everyone. Note, this is a long one, hope you have the time to get comfy and read it. Thanks!

A few days before Easter of that year, I woke to having had a dream of my dad. He had passed 3 years prior. Since his death I never had a dream of him until this one morning. It was a stressful time for me, trying to fill the shoes of mother, daughter and at the time, fill-in father/husband to my mom. Its a good thing by that time I was doing all the yard work and some plumbing and roofing. She was not in a good state overall. Its very understandable since they were married near 45 years. Losing my dad took its toll on her well being which my children and myself unfortunately had to witness.

I woke that Saturday morning chuckling in my sleep. As I sat up, hearing my kids up and about I recalled the dream while shaking off the sleepiness.

In my dream, my dad was standing in our kitchen, the skylight above him showed it was daylight. As I looked at him from walking down the hallway to the kitchen doorway, I was shocked and was taken aback at How he looked.

He was how I remembered him when I was about 4 years old. Family photos shows him at his age of being in his late 30's early 40's. There I was, standing there stunned to see him looking so young and not the 74 year old man when he died.

I chuckled and said to him, *Wow dad is That You?!*. But the response I got was, *whats taking you so long, the kids are waiting?!*, he always had a gruff way of talking, but rarely mean in any shape or form. In this dream I was in the process of taking my kids the local community Easter Egg hunt.

Well there I was, there He was... It was comforting since I've hadn't had any dream of him since his death. Then the dream ended.

The day continued on with me taking my kids to the local grocery store. I had them go get something to drink as to distract them while I purchased Easter things. I was in the check out line, my basket filled with plastic eggs, candies and such for my kids to have an egg hunt inside the house the next morning. The weather was bad so as to not disappoint the kids I was prepping to have one indoors.

Standing behind me was an young man dressed in hospital garb, he too had things to fill an Easter basket. We chatted as we waited. I then stepped out of line to let him go ahead since he was on his way to work. He thanked me kindly and I responded, *no problem hope your friends little girl enjoys your Easter gift*. He smiled and finished his purchase gave me one more nod of thanks and headed out.

The next day was Easter, the kids enjoyed their little hunt at home. My kids had a blast going around the house, searching for the eggs and treats!

Two days later my mom suffered a stroke in the early morning. It was and experience. We got help immediately. My oldest called 911 and gave all the details, as I have talked and prepped my kids for the possibility of something like this might happen. My youngest left to call our neighbor, who was a retired RN to come and help me. Within minutes the ambulance was there, like in 7 minutes! Wow!, and I was surprised to see one of the EMT's was my neighbors daughters ex boyfriend. He said when he heard the address he knew immediately where to go. That was a blessing!

Before my mom was wheeled out to head to hospital, she repeatedly apologized for all this humbug. But I reassured her, *Don't worry, everything will be alright, We'll be Ok* That by the way was the very last words we spoke to one another. She didn't know of the dream I had of dad. I kept it to myself as I knew it was a *thing*.

At the hospital, waiting so long as they tried to do this and that on her to keep her alive, a male nurse came out, called my name, and as I looked up, I was sure now, of the dream, the meeting,everything. I was the very male nurse I saw not a few days ago buying Easter things!

He was shocked to see me as well, but I believe he too had a *feeling* now that we're seeing one another right there, at that very moment. We both nodded in polite gesture, he continued to do his job, but I think he was giving me a little more extra care in explaining the situation and procedures that was going on.

My mother died that afternoon in another hospital. She had been transferred to another main hospital in town. She had suffered another stroke which left her, well brain dead at that point. So I had made the decision, difficult as it was to release her from any breathing apparatus.

All in all, I believe, my dad came to me in my dream to let me know, the time is coming for my mom to leave. The meeting with the male nurse in the market and then at the hospital. I was comforted and knew at that moment, for me, there is no such thing as Coincidence.

As a side note, a week before her passing, I had taken my mom and kids to visit my dads grave at Punchbowl National Cemetery. I always took them every month or every two weeks since his death, for my moms sake mostly.

Well that one Sunday while we were there, I had met up with my cousins wife and her kids also visiting her dads grave. While we chatted I noticed my mom was leaning close to my dad's marker, as if whispering something. So later that day when we got home I asked her...*So, what were talking to dad about?*, she gave a little chuckle and smiles saying. *I told him I'm ready*.

And so all the events fell in place, the people, the places and I am thankful for it all.

Thank you for reading this long drawn story, comments and such are greatly welcomed!



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AmberEyes (2 stories) (116 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-01)
Wow, I'm really sorry to hear about your losses. You seem to be able to cope really well. I wish you all the best in the future and know that your parents will always be there for you, even if not physically. I'm glad you got the chance to see your father once more and now you know that he's caring for your mother. You are a very strong person and any parent would be so proud. 😊 ❤
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-01)
That story made me cry but sorry for your losses but at evry bad point thier is a good point its like looking at a cup as half empty or half full I only hope you will meet them latter on

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