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Am I Getting Messages?


It has Literaly been a LONG time since I last posted here, you know, military, job, studies is what I do these days. Hard to keep up being here often.

It has also been a while now since I have let's say. Sort of practiced or experienced anything "spiritually" let's call it so.

But, lately, when I just lay down and find myself relaxing and simply "meditating", you know. Like disconnected from where I am, and just clear of thoughts, I often at those times hear like. Sort of messages

Like... I feel from time to time once I do that, A strong urge to say something out loud, it is as if I almost "hear" something, in the English language, However thing is I cannot actually say it. Feeling kind of like "stuck" you know? It is as if I cannot actually express what I hear. What I can pick up from that, what I feel is that... Those messages I get are not originally, let's say, in English. They are more of... Translated if you wish.

Another thing, What I feel that is "sending" me those messages or it is just something I am able to pick up through energy? Is another race.

Yeah. Exactly. It is just how I feel. I never really felt anything like that before, I mean. Spirits of all kind, you name it. But that's a different case.

I feel as if I pick up on someone's probably conversations? Of a different race. And I somehow maybe understand them in English?

Which is odd, now. English isn't my native language, but I speak it most of the time.

Anyway, point is, some of the messages, I roughly remember are like:

"they have left us two"

And something about some planet built? Lol. Or a population in it. Like a change. Something new

Reason for celebration regarding this new thing

Those kind of things. Quite random I'd say.

Thing is I have no idea what is it.

Every time I sit down to meditate it is the same. You know, same thing every time. Same I don't know what to call it... "thing" is taking to me? Or once again. Me just picking up messages.

So any help Answers would be great!

Thanks lots in advance


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dreamer01 (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-09)
hi hydra,
Guess what, similar things happen to me when I relax deeply. It is like watching a movie with audio that does not make sense most of the time.
I really enjoy it, look forward to it, it is entertaining to me.
I have never really taken the time to try and figure out what it means or what purpose/s this state of mind serves, beyond being entertaining to me.
one theory I have is that it is my consciousness expanding, reaching out into the universe and picking up on other energy vibrations.
whether these vibrations are in real time, past or futuristic who can say.
I will continue to ponder these and other lifes mysteries. Let me know what you think and if you have any eureka moments.
regards, dreamer01. 😊

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