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Currently I am 17 years old, also follower of the Druid path.

As a child I could hear voices and see unusual 'things'.not long ago, I began to study about the subject, and try to understand the meaning of what I experienced back then, I did understand that those were spirits, but with time I began to experience even more things, I realized I can see, sense & manipulate energy, I have been practicing energy manipulations for a long time, healing, and other thing. Also, seeing some sort of 'shadows' I would say, in a 'human form' probably this is the right way to describe this, but there is one time when I have seen a spirit, and I don't know how to explain the way it looked, not human, just as something pure white standing/floating there, it did not have any specific shape, but it had a face, not a human face, something I have never seen before, Also I remember hearing voices as well, when I was 13 I was in my room, was pretty dark (back then in our old house), I was writing things in my diary, and suddenly I heard a name 'Cornelia' being said a few times (whispered), with this voice of a woman.

Another time, was when I went to sleep, by the second I almost completely fell asleep, I heard a whisper on my ear, by this woman, she had a strong but yet nice voice, saying something in a different language, she said "Shabi" or "Shavi" Well, I tried looking it up, but that's how I heard it, I still haven't found the real meaning of it, it was around the age of 15-16, I knew it was a spirit, I could feel and hear it very well. Then I got up from bed and saw the plant moved in my room, like someone went by it and touched it, thou I was like 'no way', the window was closed, heh... It is some way funny when I think about those times, well, once also I have been pushed down the stairs in my old high school, when there was no one there, I had many cases of those experiences, I just don't want to write that much, or it will take pages over pages for you to read, if anyone has an answer for my question, about the meaning of the word, please, I would like to know:)


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HydraDrago (7 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-16)
Well, I assume it could be one of both, but thank you for your answer.:)
Number23Wolf (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-14)
Shabi is an Arabic name. Shabi was a leading scholar in his time.

Shavi means incredible or perfect.




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