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Hey I'm 22 and from Wales. Here's my story: Since I was about 9 years old I have had spiritual happenings happen to me especially when I fell pregnant with my first daughter mostly children seem to be attracted to me. My mum and dad divorced then re married which meant I had to move home my dad claims that ghostly happening never happen unless I'm around and says I have brought them with me. I'm pretty sure they follow me as well.

I've had two houses of my own when I was 16 I had a miscarriage and have recently seen a spiritualist. I had suspiciousness from strange dreams I'd been having that spirits were trying to tell me something. Turns out I'd been told in my reading that I get visions and memories from spirits when they were still alive and I'm more open to them while I'm asleep.

Well recently things have started happening while I'm awake. Two days ago I went to walk up the stairs in complete darkness because I feel comfortable without lights and I heard giggling which was very strange as my children were fast asleep. Then while I was in bed I heard footsteps all the way to my bedroom then a child crying then last night I heard a ticking noise which carried on for about 15 minutes but stopped when I opened my eyes. Then I heard a clicking noise like a clock case was being closed like the ones on a chain I have also seen shadows in my room shape of humans.

I have had experiences where I sense something bad is going to happen I usually end up clumsy all day and burning myself on something think someone's trying to contact me anyone else had these experiences? They seem very strange my spirualist has told me that if I pay attention they might progress. She described me as a clairaudio which means I hear spirits more than I see them but things are progressing fast

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
Sometime we have to be aware of a psychic imprint:
This is when we hear an activity this is imprinted
Into a home or an area.

This psychic imprint is combined by thoughts and
Strong emotions. When we connect with this imprint
We can be relaxed.

A discarnate soul is different as they act independantly.

Another point is what is referred to as a shell,
Sort of like the etheric energy. It may feel very
Much like a soul, yet a vitality is missing.

If I put my opinion out: I believe in the dark you
Heard a psychic imprint.

As for the child, you can do some meditation and ask your guides for proof if this child soul is stuck.
You will get more information when you body and thoughts of overly examining are out of the way.

Just make sure you use a protection over yourself
Before going to sleep and then ask once your mind
Is clear.

To respond is it possible to start seeing spirits.
Yes! The energy is the earth is moving in higher vibrations as we keep working on ourself psychically
And spiritually we will go up in higher vibation as
Well which includes can include an expansion of seight.

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