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Dream Or Premonition Of Neighbor That I Never Met


I went to bed as usual, don't know if I was startled awake or just dreaming. I saw the neighbor's house with a police car in the driveway, I remember saying out loud, "he died, he is dead". I just sat up in bed not knowing if I had been dreaming or even sleeping, I swear it just felt like I had just laid down and I saw it, I was ready to go to the window and look at the neighbor's house to see the police car. I just thought what am I doing? I just kept thinking about that. Two days later I learned that the elderly man that was my neighbor, whom I never met, had gone to the mountains with his son and had died there. I dreamt or saw that on Wednesday and he died Friday. I have also had dreams about two uncles of mine who died a short time later. I dreamt, I think it was a dream. Not sure it was early in the morning and I was in bed and I was thinking that I needed to call my sister, I had this really strong feeling about her. My sister was 6 months pregnant and we were not close. Later that night my mother told me that my sister went to the hospital that morning in labor and had the baby. So can anyone help me on what this is and how to fine tune it. I just have strong feelings of family members. The two uncles who have died. I can be driving and a streetlight will go out and in a instant I will say, out loud, I know that's you uncle Bill, I know that you did that. Please can anyone help me understand all this. I have strong feelings that there is more to this and I know these feelings are trying to tell or show me things.

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setokaiba (22 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
by that I mean you can see peoples deaths not the dead sorry sorry
setokaiba (22 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
You can see the dead here I can see the future and control the elements earth air fire water lightning
And I can control peoples mind I have had my mind controled not a nice feeling trust me I know how to protect myself now here is my experience
Newmoon45 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
Umm I have had a similar expierence with a neighbor he was a very angry man whenever I looked at him I felt his anger I had a dream about him where I believe I picked up his anger it was a very creepy dream. Well 2 to 3 months later he killed himself. I don't know how but I have a feeling it was an overdose. I remember the day he died. I had no clue he died. Until I walked outside and saw a glove as soon as I saw this rubber glove I had a bad feeling somehow. Later that day I said to my mom I think there is something wrong with our neighbor downstairs. She said why I said I don't know I saw a glove and had a bad feeling I knew something wasn't right with him now there is many other neighbor near me, this could have been anyone's glove they could have used it for gardening. Anyways we getback from dinner when I told her I thought something was wrong with the neighbor and my mom noticed a sticker on his door. I went to read this sticker and I was shocked at what it said. CORONERS STICKER! I felt bad for a while thinking I could have saved him and stuff. I realized I could not have he was determined to do what he wanted to do, if he was willing to kill himself despite his two poor kids then what makes me think I could have stopped him. My grandma could sense death also so I'm not alone. Just don't blame yourself its not your fault. Next time you have one of these dreams talk to them and see if you can help them. I know it will be embarrassing to tell him about your gift and if it is don't tell him just tell him if he needs anything he should call (If he needs to go to the doctors tell him), this way you can clear your conscious and no one can say you didn't try.

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