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I came across your website while doing a search and would like to share about dreams I need help to understand.

I've been having dreams about airplanes which all are similar so vivid ending in plane crashes. Last year in August, I was dreaming of a plane full of passengers that crashed right into the water in front of the dive shop where I used to work. The dream was so clear and immediate instincts came in to save the passengers onboard. I jumped into the water without putting diving equipment, a couple of my co-workers did the same, only one who is an advanced dive guide had put his dive gear on before joining the rescue. I had another dream prior to this one which had no survivors. In this particular dream all passengers amazingly woke up as they were brought to the surface of the water.

In April this year I had another dream involving a plane crash. Usually the dreams I have ended with the plane in the water. It took off but suddenly crashed on land. It is the first time I had a dream of a plane that crashed on land. The plane broke in half; the accident was near the airport. The name of the airline was clearly identified on the plane but with no survivors.

The following night I had another dream where I was at a function at a restaurant located on a mountain that faced the ocean with beautiful scenery of the city on the island. An airplane flying above then lost control and came straight down in high speed into the water, just before it hit the water it burst into flames. There were no survivors. I felt mournful for what had happened so did the people at the restaurant who witnessed the event. It was weird the atmosphere suddenly changed.

I recall late last year some unfortunate turn of events took place which has affected my former job, finances and relationships. Its déjà vu all over again as it is reminds me of things that have happened within the last 5 years after college. I'm starting to think if these dreams are connected to what I'm presently going through and if it's telling me something that I need to know.

Please help!

Thank you!

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