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Today, me and my best friend were out for a little bit and she asked if I know where a girl-Heike lives. I wanted to show her and we went there. Just in front of her house, a window closed and a curtain disappeard. Then we saw a sign saying: "KDS!" The first thing I thought of was: "Kids do suffer!" We desided to go home and on the way we saw our names written on walls and our birthdates too. Miri is romanian and on another wall we say the word "DIE" on her language. There was also a second where we were in front of a trash bag. When we were passing, it's like someone threw a glass bottle in it, but there was nobody there. Can someone please tell me if they had this experience too? Because we also saw a black cat that didn't move and I thought it was a toy, but then it looked at me creepily. Then we saw a little dark room in a house and there was a man and just a candle to light the place. He didn't get his look away. HELP! We don't know what to do and we are definetly not safe. Did I mention that the girl-Heike told us that she can see ghosts last year? Nobody believed her then, neither did I, but now I kind of get it. All this could be a big lie, but it can also be thrue. We have to solve this "mistery". I don't know, but it seems like there really is something. I do believe in ghosts, and so does Miri, but this may not be a ghost... It may be a persno or something, but it is... SOMETHING. If you can help us, please write your help on the comments. We would really apreciate it. Thanks!

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jessicaholly227 (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
Hi! My name is Jessica:) First I want to tell you that you are safe! I suggest that you guys get together and surround yourself in a loving protective shell of white light, and pray for protection from the Archangel Michael. Also use your power of intention to send the dark spirits into the light. Namaste ~~

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